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♣3/2015 New shipment of Yuwa, Cosmo and Kokka
♣6/6/14 New Echino Nico and Decoro - Sateen!
♣5/31/14 Yuwa Yoshiko, Koseki
♣5/23/14 Zakka Workshop Patterns
♣5/20/14 Lecien - Color Basic Plus, Little Heroines, Isso Ecco, L Collection
♣5/15/14 Lecien - Color Basic Special Edition, Minny Muu, Old New 30s
♣3/10/14 New Kiyohara - Llamas and Pandas
♣3/5/14 Kokka Hello Kitty, Ursaron Bunny, Ellen Baker
♣3/5/14 Lecien - Flower Sugar, Retro 30s Collection, Color Basic Polka Dots
♣3/3/14 Lecien - Infinity, Nico Nico Land, Nyan Cat, Pop N'Kids
♣2/28/14 Yuwa - includingYoshiko Jinzenji, Atsuko Matsuyama, Suzuko Koseki
♣2/15/14 Kokka - Echino


We like to horde it but have been getting therapy so we can learn how to share.
We will make CUSTOM listings for Fat Quarters! Just ASK!
When ordering QTY, the fabric will be cut as ONE continuous piece!

♣ New or Personal Stash
All our fabrics are new unless the listing states otherwise. There will be occasions we sell from our personal stash - probably on therapy days.

♣VISIT - END CUTS section! There are lots of items listed. These are items that were cut short/long and the description states the length of fabric... It is my mistake so you benefit from it!

♣♣♣ ENJOY! ♣♣♣

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