fantasyworldheroes' Shop Announcement

Snowskirts, a cheeky play on snowpants, are the perfect outerwear for anyone who wants to be warm AND super-stylish all winter long. We were featured on ETSY's FRONT PAGE -- TWICE!

FWH NEWS: Too many babies! We’re drowning in babies up here in the land of Fantasy World Heroes!! Between wee kids (colds, new teeth) and our day jobs we’ve unfortunately not kept up with our “world domination by means of the Snowskirt” plan. And then one of us moved cities. But the good news is she moved somewhere colder which is already inspiring us to make better, warmer skirts for 2015.

We've listed our remaining stock for what we've got on hand, ready to go. Sorry for the super limited selection of sizes. We sold out quickly. Please message us if you don't find what you're looking for -- we do have a limited amount of fabric pre-cut so we may be able to accommodate.

For autumn 2015 we’re planning a return in full form, with a full selection of rainskirts. Stay tuned. In the meantime... Stay warm in style!