farfrumplainjane's Shop Announcement

WELCOME and thanks for visiting farfrumplainjane on Etsy!!! I'm a beadweaver, knowledgeable in many stitching techniques acquired throughout my life;-- A testament to my life- long love for beading!!!I am also an enthusiast in antique and vintage jewelry. Victorian "hair" jewelry and lacy macrame also fascinates and inspires me to create my own, lacy and innovative micromacrame pieces! You'll find that my creations are very much inspired by Nature and and Art Eras gone by-- my ultimate expression of respect and admiration!

All pieces are hand made by me, with love:D I strive to make each piece unique and fun to wear; a treasure to enjoy for years. It's not just jewelry, it's ART! Feel free to contact me about any changes/ alterations I can make to fit your wishes!