Classic round bar soap with flower imprint.
Rose petal one use soaps. Each paper thin petal is perfect for one very luxurious hand wash or sprinkle on bath water.
Perfect Rose soap
Chocolate Strawberry Soap scented in dark chocolate and strawberry scent. Scent changes with use.

A passion for favors that are memorable and earth safe!

Favors by Mima, began as a hobby. After food and shelter, comes the need for soap. It's been around about as long as we have, and the creative possibilities of it are endless and yet temporary. I love that it comes from the earth and goes right back to it.
Parties especially those of little ones abound in plastic and paraphernalia. Soap offered a way to maintain the cuteness, or commemorate the moment, but not clutter the earth. Soap is endlessly creative, but limited by time and has little or no waste involved. Even clean up is a breeze after all it's only soap!
I strive to create soaps that are truly creative, and to suit the soap to the person. I have made soaps for friends and family that range from computer chips to rose petals. Each soap is inspired by people around me. I love the idea of creating something that will be used and enjoyed.
owner, maker
I'm a stay at home mom, with two boys who grow faster than they should! My passion for handmade soaps began as a lure to little monkeys to wash their chubby fingers with soap, and to keep the earth clean as well.

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