fayeaugustine's Shop Announcement

I used to keep little treasures in my slant top desk when I was a kid. I liked all sorts of little things and was very organized and meticulous. Often, I had lots of one item and didn't know back then that I liked multiples. Maybe it was because I grew up as a outsider.

I was born in a refugee camp and emigrated with my parents as a little girl. Anything I owned was a precious thing and as I grew up I felt compelled to collect unusual items. I still make and collect things, but as an adult I've gotten a little more sophistticated with my own artwork and my myriad collections. My treasures cross over into my artwork and back again and sometimes lead me down a path I don't even know is there til I'm standing in the middle.

I am inspired by cultural icons and designs. My art becomes a reflection of what I see and combined with my inner vision represents the qualities in life that are essential to me: art, humor and culture.

When you look closely at my paintings and study my mixed media work, you will find treasures and images that create mysterious identities and dreamlike emotions. Snakes, angels, flowers, skeletons, hearts, bones, insects and more make a mad parade of characters as much a part of the individual mind as of the community they reflect.

I begin with a mental picture and as I paint the boards or put the pieces together in a box, the work begins to grow and form its own spirit. Sometimes, alone in my studio or in the jungle of Mexico where I paint each winter, I find myself chuckling over these outrageous combinations.