feathercrazed's Shop Announcement

Exquisite feather earrings accented with swarovski crystals, gemstones, swarovski pearls and other gorgeous beads. I make Beaded Feather Earrings, from simple designs to more elaborate designs. I have a unique style, feather earrings are all one of a kind creations, they are made and ready to be shipped, absolutely no waiting time, unless you order a custom item. Custom Items are always welcome. More feather earrings to come very soon, so please keep checking back often!

I love the gracefulness, delicacy, and the way feathers lightly flow when made into feather earrings. They are so whimsical, delicate, feminine, and they are so soft to the touch. I have made 100's of feather earrings in the past year. I started out designing them for me, when I started receiving so many compliments and people asking me to make some for them I decided to start selling at craft shows, and having booths at festivals, fairs, carnivals, and more. Someone kindly led me here to Etsy and I am hoping to share my love of making feather earrings with everyone all over the world.

I will not sell something I would not wear myself. A lot of thought, attention to detail, care, precision and passion for designing feather earrings goes into every pair I make. I design my feather earrings, one pair at a time. I plan which feathers I am going to use for the pair of earrings and then I dye them, which I dye one by one to ensure there are no flaws in the dying process and the color of every feather matches perfectly.
I dye all feathers myself using only the best dyes. I use Whiting, Metz, and Hoffman brand feathers, which are the best feathers and all produced in the USA. I promise if you choose to buy feather earrings from me, you will have strangers stopping you to compliment you on your feather earrings.

Customer service is one of my top priorities besides offering exceptional quality feather earrings that are beautiful and unique. I truly believe in customer service and want nothing more to make every customer feel pampered, and well cared for during their shopping and buying experience with my shop. Questions and comments will always be answered as soon as I see them. I will help you as best as I can with whatever your needs are. Please dont hesitate to ask questions or request custom items.

I hope you like my feather earrings shop and I hope you find something that suits you. Thank you so much for reading my shop announcement.