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featherheartflower is taking a short break.

featherheart is going south for the holidays. the shop will be closed until january 2015. featherheart will be updating her shop with new labels and product. it's going to be an exciting year. we will reopen with a new look! xo

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featherheartflower's Shop Announcement

here's what people are saying about featherheart trading co...

"Oh my gosh, I didn't think it was possible to love your stuff MORE than I already did - but now I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, the patchouli rose is perfect - love love love it! And the new lavender geranium lotion, um hello - it's AMAZING!!!"

I love you, Featherheart. <3 The lavender oil is amazing, AMAZING. AND LET ME TELL ALL Y'ALL WHY. My skin is sensitive. My cheeks are always a pink color, and most people say it looks cute, but I hate it because close up you can see the skin is irritated. I've been a devoted Lush-fanatic forever now, but their products, while they lessened the irritation, never solved the problem. Using this twice has dramatically reduced the redness to where my skin is no longer a-flush. This is a miracle! THANK YOU! I'll be back for more. You've won a devoted customer! <3

and finally here's a testimonial about another use for featherheart's hair powder!

"I use the hair powder I got from you on my mini schnauzer between baths hehehe It makes him smell yummy and is gentle enough that it doesn't bother his sensitive skin. Weird I know, but it's great for covering up that puppy smell he gets sometimes and when I'm too lazy to bathe him every few days it stretches it out to once a week LOL"

and look at this!

featherheart is organic when possible. always from the earth!

creating a small realm in which i can bring forth my ideals of co-habitation with mother earth, allowing her to provide the ingredients for natural beauty and health, while at the same time recycling what she has already provided to keep us all looking fashionably beautiful!!!

all herbal teas and body products are made with organic and/or wildcrafted ingredients when and if possible. featherheart's products are from mother earth! featherheart does not use a lot of essential oils to fragrance her products. the fragrance of her oils and lotions comes directly from infusing the plant in an oil base, thus creating a much more subtle smelling product with strong healing properties.

welcome and thanks for stopping by. the concept of my shop is to have an old fashioned trading company featuring the things i love -- vintage clothing and my handmade herbal products and accessories. i have been making handmade body products and teas for myself for quite some time and with my friends and family's encouragement i am now making them available to you! i have used my products exclusively for years so everything has been tried, true and tested. i promise you'll love my line and it will treat your skin and body great. until now my products have only been available in san francisco boutiques and craft fairs. now they are here at etsy. enjoy!

you can find my fan page on facebook and i blog at oh and then there's twitter @featherheartxo!

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