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Anonymous on Mar 7, 2009

5 out of 5 stars

smells and feels wonderful!

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2009

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much for everything! All of the soaps smell wonderful and I can't wait to use them all!! I can't believe how quickly everything arrived! Thank you! I will be back!

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Last updated on February 16, 2011
Welcome to our shop! We create homespun soaps and other unique handcrafted gifts right in our own home. All of our soaps and bath & body products are lovingly handcrafted with great care and attention to detail in an effort to make yourself and your skin feel happy. All of our items are made in a smoke free environment. We do have pets, although they are never in the area where we create and store our products. We love to answer questions or chat about our soapmaking process. Please don’t hesitate to converse with us or shoot us an email. We look forward to hearing from you and we appreciate your business.

At Feral Moon, our soaps are handcrafted completely by scratch, in small batches. This allows us to control exactly what ingredients we use. We formulate and design our own recipes to provide a balanced combination of oils and other ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. We use only the best ingredients, only from reputable suppliers, to make our bars moisturizing, nourishing, enriching, and softening. All of our products are vegan friendly unless otherwise specified. Our testers are our family members and friends and they give us constant feedback on what they like or don’t like about our products so we might revise our recipes in order to create the best products possible. We try to be environmentally conscious so we recycle whenever possible.

We use the cold process method of soapmaking to create the majority of our soaps. First, we make a soap batter using a variety of oils and other ingredients, and then we pour the batter into wooden molds and wait for the soap to firm up. After the soap has hardened, we turn the block of soap out of the mold, hand cut the soap into individual bars, and hand stamp them to add another personal touch. The bars are then placed on drying racks and left to cure. The curing process takes several weeks and allows any excess moisture and alkali to evaporate from the soap. After curing, what is left is a nice, hard bar of soap - ready for use. All of our soaps are pH tested for neutrality before they go from our hands to yours.

Our soaps retain all the natural glycerin (a natural humectant and emollient that draws moisture from the air to your skin) that occurs as a natural byproduct of soapmaking -something that's actually removed in commercially manufactured soaps. (More about glycerin under the Additional Information section.)

We strive to make all of our soaps with as many natural ingredients as possible. Our 100% all natural soaps have no artificial ingredients of any kind and either are unscented, fragranced naturally, or contain essential oils only. Also, our 100% all natural soaps have no coloring, are colored by nature, or use only natural mineral pigments.

At Feral Moon, we do love variety and therefore we also make soaps that use fine fragrance oils and FDA approved colorants. These oils and colors are specifically made for use in soap and are entirely skin-safe - just not denotable as all natural. We also make decorative soaps using other methods.

Each of our handcrafted soaps is unique. Because we create our soap entirely by hand, the appearance of our soap bars will differ slightly from each other. The rustic look and any little imperfections are a sign that the soap you are receiving is not commercially manufactured.

Our cold process soap bars are roughly 2 ½ x 3 ¼ with a thickness of approximately 1”. Each of our bars average around 4 ounces when cut into bars. The final bar weight will vary due to water evaporation when cured.

When you order soap from Feral Moon, your soap will be hand labeled with each ingredient. Before we ship your bars out to you, we put each bar into a clear sleeve (one bar per sleeve) to preserve the soap’s fragrance. The sleeves also help prevent scent mingling during shipping if you order multiple bars with different fragrances. We then tie the soap sleeve closed with a complementary ribbon and package carefully for the journey to your home.

Accepted payment methods

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Payment is expected upon checkout. We accept PayPal (which also processes all major credit cards). PayPal is a safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. Currently, it seems to be the best way to exchange money for online transactions.

Texas orders: Please add 8.25% sales tax to your total purchase.

We reserve the right to cancel any sale if we have not received payment within three days and all attempts to contact you have failed. If you need more time to make payment, please convo us.
FREE USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING for US orders over $75.00!

Your order will ship to the address you have chosen through Etsy, regardless of what Paypal lists as your address, unless you indicate otherwise. Please confirm your address.

Paid orders are usually shipped 1-2 days after your order is placed. Paid orders received over the weekend or holiday will be shipped the following business day.

Within the United States we use USPS and use the most economical way to mail your order. Small orders will be mailed in a bubble mailer. Larger orders will be sent via USPS Flat Rate Priority Shipping. Flat Rate Envelopes can usually fit 6 to 8 bars of soap with bubble wrap for protection. Close to 50 bars of soap should fit in the Large Flat Rate Boxes.

Flat Rate Envelope $4.80
Small Flat Rate Box $9.80
Large Flat Rate Box $12.95

If you would like a shipping upgrade, please either make your request in the comment section of your order or contact us *prior* to purchase. Shipping upgrades will be billed through PayPal and must be paid for prior to your order being shipped.

If shipping on your invoice turns out to be higher than our actual postage cost, we'll gladly refund any overpayment of more than $1.00 directly into your PayPal account.

Please note that we take great care and make every effort to package your order as carefully as possible before shipping. However, once your package leaves our hands and enters the postal system, unfortunately damage and loss can occur. Please understand that we are not responsible for lost packages or damaged items. If you wish to purchase additional insurance, please convo us *before* purchase so that we can send you a revised invoice.

USPS insurance rates are:
Fee . . . . . . . . . . Insurance Coverage
$1.70 ................ $0.01 to $50
$2.15 ................ $50.01 to $100
$2.60 ................ $100.01 to $200
$4.60 ................ $200.01 to $300
$5.55 ................ $300.01 to $400
$6.50 ................ $400.01 to $500
$7.45 ................ $500.01 to $600
Refunds and Exchanges
Due to the personal nature of the products we make, all sales are final. Feral Moon is unable to take returned items or refund the purchase price on items. However, if we have made an error with your order, or you are unsatisfied with your products, please contact us and we will make every effort to resolve the issue.
Additional policies and FAQs
How to Care for Your Soap:

It’s always a good idea to store Feral Moon products in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight. When using our soaps, we recommend using a soap dish with holes in the bottom that will allow air to fully circulate around every surface of the bar for complete drying. We do not use any synthetic preservatives in our products. Feral Moon soaps are best when used within the first year of purchase.


Please take into consideration your own allergies and skin sensitivities when ordering from us or using a new soap. Some essential oils such as cinnamon, or rosemary, can irritate sensitive skin. If in doubt, please patch test a small area before using any product on your skin.

Feral Moon soaps and products are for external use only. Although all the ingredients in our products are great for your skin, they are NOT meant for consumption. As good as they smell, DO NOT EAT them. This means that you may have to keep them away from small children and pets.

Use of Feral Moon products is done at the discretion of the consumer and should only be used as the products’ intended use. We are not responsible for any injury or reaction to any of our products. Please review a list of our ingredients and characteristics before using our soaps or other body products. As gentle and beneficial as our products may be, there is always the chance that someone might react poorly to an ingredient. If irritation or rash develops, please discontinue use. If you need any assistance with reading the ingredients listing or in help with how to use our products, please let us know. We will be happy to help.

FDA Disclaimer: The statements made on this website regarding Feral Moon products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The statements on this website are for informational purposes only. Feral Moon products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician. The information provided by this website is not a substitute for a consultation with your physician and should not be construed as medical advice. The statements and/or testimonials on this website are individual cases and do not guarantee that you will get the same results.

Just What is Soap Anyway?

Soap is a mixture of chemical compounds resulting from the interaction of fatty oils and fats with alkali; i.e., the salts of fatty acids. When you mix oils, alkali, and water, they chemically react (this reaction is called saponification) and turn into soap and glycerin.

Any unsaponified oils are called 'free fatty acids', and they add to the moisturizing effect of high quality soaps. Use too much, and the soap will not lather, be too soft, and will have a shortened shelf life. Too much alkali is harsh and drying to sensitive skin. It's estimated that about 25% of us get a dry skin reaction to excess alkali in our soaps.

Modern Day Soapmaking

In the modern world, soapmakers can actually purchase lye (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide), thereby, bypassing all the nasty and time consuming work of making wood ash or potash from scratch like our predecessors. Soapmaking is done by combining lye with water and then combining the lye mixture with base oils such as olive, palm, or coconut. The soap batter is then mixed to the point of saponification and brought to a rather thick consistency called trace. At this point, any additional free fatty acids, botanicals, coloring, or fragrance is added. When all combined, the soap batter is poured into a mold and kept warm. The soap goes through a gelling process, after which it solidifies and is able to be removed from the mold after a number of hours. When the soap is ready to be unmolded, it can be cut into individual bars, and let to dry (or cure) for several weeks. This curing process removes any excess moisture and alkali from the bars and is what makes a nice, hard bar of soap.

Due to the natural glycerin occurring during the soapmaking process and all the beneficial oils used, handmade bars of soap are extremely moisturizing, soothing, and healthy for your skin.

Glycerin - The Main Difference between Handmade and Commercially Manufactured Soap

Commercial ‘soaps’ - the soaps you usually find on the shelves in your local store - in actuality are really detergent bars. They are based on synthetic detergents instead of all natural ingredients. These commercial soaps usually have the addition of numerous chemicals, preservatives, and other questionable ingredients, and these synthetics will usually be harsher to your skin than natural soap. Additionally a lot of commercial soap manufacturers may add excess alkali to their soap to achieve a harder bar of soap and a longer shelf life. Unfortunately what commercial soaps usually remove is glycerin.

Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soapmaking process. Glycerin is a good thing. Glycerin is a vegetable derived, clear, viscous liquid that is a natural humectant and emollient - actually drawing moisture to the skin from the air. Glycerin also boosts lather and provides a milder soap that is gentler to the skin. The removed glycerin is mostly used as a stabilizer in the food and cosmetics industry, as well as an inhibitor in cigarette paper which allows it to burn more evenly. In soapmaking, the end result of removing glycerin is a soap that dries your skin. Glycerin left in soap creates a hand lotion effect so not only does the soap clean and removes oils but simultaneously soothes sensitive skin. Commercial soap manufacturers usually remove the naturally occurring glycerin from their soaps since it is a valuable chemical in its own right (more valuable than soap!) and also due to the fact that glycerin simply clogs up their machinery.

About Soap Labeling

In this day and age a lot of companies are coming out with soaps that are better for your skin because of public demand. However, be careful with your purchases because the soap industry is not regulated the same way as the food and drug industry. Currently, it's not a requirement to list any ingredients in soap. However, if there is one ingredient listed, then all are required to be listed in the order of descending content. Also, some companies call their product 'natural' as long as there are some natural ingredients included. However, usually there are non natural ingredients as well because of the way the soap is manufactured and to increase product shelf life.

Any soap labeled 'good ol' fashioned Grandma's Lye Soap' is a little confusing because although soap is MADE with lye, the final result should be a soap actually has NO lye in it, having been completely subsumed in the chemical reaction of saponification.

At Feral Moon, we list every ingredient that we physically put in our soaps that remains after the soap is finished. We do not list lye/sodium hydroxide/potassium hydroxide because that component gets subsumed in the soapmaking process and is NOT in the soap after the soap is cured. Also, if we list glycerin as an ingredient, it is because we actually include an additional amount when making a soap. However, we will not list glycerin as an ingredient when it occurs naturally as a byproduct of the soapmaking process because although it's IN the soap, we can't quantify it because we didn't add it ourselves.

For Further Consideration

There are some soapmakers that have degrees in chemical engineering and tout that their soaps are better than any others on the market. We think it's great that there are those that are so formally educated in their field, however, we must point out that little old ladies have been making soap for centuries. Imagine if they were alive today and were told that they couldn't make soap without a degree or that their soap was no good because of their lack of a background in chemistry!

Basically, what it comes down to is this... Read the labels. If you don't like what you see on the ingredient list, then look somewhere else. Or just buy some good, clean fun (and soap!) from us. Then you’ll look no further. :)