ffortissimo's Shop Announcement

Brand Information:
Since 1982, Mr. Song Millinery, with its signature, high fashion headwear, adorned women all over the World. Considered by some as works of art, Mr. Song Millinery is on display at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and is sought-after by galleries and museums such as The Smithsonian. Mr. Song Millinery’s innovation has contributed to modernizing the wear-ability of headwear by incorporating flexibility and all-season materials with artistry and timeless styles that made its brand recognizable across the globe.

Designer Information:
ˑ Luke Song, chief designer of Mr. Song Millinery
ˑ Lilly Moore, co-designer of Mr. Song Millinery/ffortissimo

General Product Information:
ˑ All items are designed and made in U.S.A.
ˑ Products are made to order and usually ship within 48 business hours.
ˑ Special/Custom orders may be available.