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My sculpture and furniture is an exploration of organic wood forms that arouse the connection between human being and nature. I choose to work with natural, raw materials like ancient wood, drift wood, and the roots of tree because my deep respect for the strength and spirit contained within the wood. Much my inspiration comes to me by deeply studying a tree root and log. I often spend weeks gazing at a particular root or log untill I develop a connection with the root or log and the form naturally emerge. Through the carving process creative insight merges with the organic forms and natural flows of the root or log, guiding my tools to arrive at meaningful figure.
I love working with both traditional African tools and mordern day tools in creating my sculpture. The wood resistance to the tools energizes me as it navigates the direction to its yet unrefind self. The various forms and shapes emerge and evolves as I carve, releasing them from thier derivative state.

Wood sculpting is collaboration of my thought and my history, with the instrinsic nature of the material. I use mainly rescued woods such as mahogany, walnut and yellow mahogany wood that otherwise would just be burned for chaicoal. Locally, I use all kind of reclaimed woods that normally would end up as fire wood or mulch.
My style varies to represent abstract, gestural forms and figures, as well as the raw simplistic nature of the material itself. My sculpture statement are strongly connected to the human spiritas a reminder of our inherent connection with the natural world. Just as art is man's attempt to understand himself and express what he has found to others, my sculpture helps find the meaning to the path that I have traveledand continue the traditional storytelling of the connection between man and nature with the understanding that we all arise from one root.

Thanks for stopping by and come back again, more of my works are coming soon. You can also look at my portfolio @