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Wide selection of Cameos and Settings

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Beginning Monday (Februrary 15, 2016) all orders to be shipped to addresses outside of the USA will have to be paid using PayPal. Select PayPal as your choice for making payment when you checkout. If you do not have a PayPal account of your own, just sign in at PayPal as (guest). PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

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Zerrenety on Mar 28, 2017

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Thank you again very much for the very fast shipment and the nice items, amazing!

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Oil Painter Becomes Beader

I discovered in my early forties that I had artistic talent. For a number of years I expressed myself thru oil painting (landscapes and florals). I was fairly successful at it but the demands of business and other matters of life began to crowd out the time I could spend at painting. Thus painting became relegated to the "something I used to do" category.
About 6 years ago (2006) I began to get the urges again to be creative. I discussed it with my wife and she said I should probably take up oil painting once more. I gave it a lot of thought but when I realized what I would be up against, I decided against it. It would have taken at least a year of hard work to get back to the skill level I was at when I stopped painting. Also, I would have to buy all new equipment. The brushes I was using when I was painting were very expensive (some costing a hundred dollars or more for a even the small ones). But to be totally honest about it, although I loved painting, I hated cleaning up after a painting session.
I thought about stained glass but decided against that because of all the expensive equipment that would be required. Another drawback was that the market for stained glass is not all that great. Research also revealed that in many cases the stained glass artist might be lucky if he or she was able to get back the cost of their materials when selling their work.

Anyway, one day, while my wife and I were shopping, we happened to be at a craft store. My wife said, "Why don't you try beading?"
"What!!?", I replied." I'm a guy!! I don't do beading"
You know what, tho? While we were at the store, I bought a beading kit. I took it home and did the project and 'Lo and Behold' I was hooked.

I have practiced the craft of jewelry making ever since, becoming involved in more sophisticated forms of the art as I learn more. In the ensuing years I have developed a love of and a desire to create things Victorian. I love the beauty and elegance of Victorian.
Victorian Steam Punk is fascinating to me.

My shop, 'Findings Victoria', was started as a concept. Finding the materials to work with to create Victorian style jewelry could be challenging. The problem was, most of the time, I couldn't buy just what I needed for a specific project. . What to do?? "Viola!" Buy what I needed and open another shop to sell the surplus. Thus 'Findings Victoria' was born. Needless to say, Findings Victoria, has become much more than just a place to buy surplus Victorian findings. As of this writing, we stock over 600 items and are constantly on the lookout for more items we can add.
I am very proud of my pretty little shop and enjoy browsing there myself. I love what I do and I love the thousand or more wonderful customers who have and continue to support my efforts.

Thank You All!!!!!


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    Daisy is the public face of Findings Victoria. She's a Shih-tzu, Papillion, Maltese mix. She is 10 years old. She's just as sweet as she looks! She has completely stolen our hearts!!!

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NOTE! Re-sizing oversize glass cabs is can be challenging. You will need a Dremel grinder with a diamond wheel or a diamond hand file and some practice to do it without damaging the stone (one slip with the grinder or file can cause serious damage).