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"Skinny" Does Not Equal "Fit" The message to be skinny is pervasive in our culture-highlighted and reinforced by the media, fashion, and entertainment industries, which send blatant messages that skinny is glamorous, preferable, and attractive. Weight is treated as if it were an aesthetic issue, rather than one indicator of overall health status. In fact, the issue of body size and its relationship to health seems to have taken a back seat to vanity. A healthy weight is only one component of a healthy body. A healthy body falls into shape and finds its best healthy weight naturally. Good health comes in many sizes.

Buy the best tool you can take to they gym...a plan! Fits greater than skinny offers workout rings that consist of 30 multiple level and time workouts to choose from. You can buy new workout cards to add to your can never have to many workouts.


My name is Cassy Freeman and I am a Certified Personal Trainer at World Gym. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeralyn Petterson for about 2 years. As a trainer, you notice the different types of people that come into the gym. I noticed Jeralyn right away, because of her work ethic and how serious she took her workouts. As the months went by, I gained a strong respect for her. Jeralyn was all business and gave her all through every workout. We later became friends and would share our workout knowledge and new ideas. She was always so willing to share new information with anyone who was interested.

Jeralyn is a goal oriented person, who has a plan for each workout. As a trainer, I feel there is no other way to workout. Having a plan and short term goals in mind, will help anyone to get the most out of their workout. I would call her the "cardio queen", because Jeralyn would never miss a day of cardio. I wanted to pick her brain, because her workouts were full of variety and actually looked fun. She uses all different types of cardio equipment, varying her speeds, incline, and time. When you have a plan for cardio, 40-50 minutes flies by. I have experienced this for myself, and that says a lot coming from someone who use to dread cardio. Her workouts are always different, unique, and fun. This will keep people involved and doing cardio, and therefore they are going to see results. I see so many people, doing the same boring cardio every day, and months later they look the same. Jerlayn has the right idea and knows how to keep motivating herself and others.

I have also asked Jeralyn about her strength training workouts. I believe the key to building muscle, is to continually shock your system with different workouts. This way your body will build and show results quicker. Jeralyn, does this with every strength training workout. We've worked out together many times, and I love her ideas and variety. Just like on the cardio end, she gives 110% in each strength training workout.

There are so many members of the gym, that respect Jeralyn. I know she motivates myself and so many others to make each workout count. She is going to be successful in anything she does, because she will not accept anything less. Jeralyn is an amazing person, friend, and athlete. I am a better person for knowing her.


Cassy Freeman, Personal Trainer N.C.S.F.

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