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The little yellow house home to the creative Five Sixteenths Studio.
An Artist is an Explorer. No matter where you go continue to explore, continue to create.

Creative Daily Design

Five Sixteenths became an online presence in 2006, the summer before my Freshman year of college. Although I developed a strong interest in art through High School, that August I packed up my bags to head off to college to study Math.

I put my handmade indie biz dreams on the back burner until a friend of mine encouraged me to change my major to Art. I crammed four years of art school into three & consider it the best decision I ever made. In 2011 I graduated from a small Virginia college with a BFA in Ceramics.

Currently I work out of a lovely little yellow house near Lake Michigan creating fun and practical designs. You may find me at my desk cutting and gluing or you may find me in my makeup collection. But you'll never find me lacking in creativity . The Five Sixteenths brand is a realization of the creativity I discovered with in me after gluing my first macaroni noodle to a wooden picture frame.
Moe Howard
owner, designer
A 9-5er, Southern at Heart, Indiana transplant & sweet tea enthusiast who believes she should try her hand at something new every day. I'm an artist, crafter, blogger, and puppy momma currently residing with my best friend in a cute yellow house.

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