Flashbax's Shop Announcement


PLEASE NOTE all items have complete measurements so that you can compare them to similar items you already own to make sure they will fit. I do layaways, however, there are no returns or refunds for layaways or any payments on them, so be sure to check over all the information before you commit. Vintage sizes are not the same as today's sizes, which is why we take accurate measurements and check them twice. Thus, we do NOT take returns unless there is a gross mistake in our description.
Also note shipping is estimated via weight and may include, besides just actual postage amount, cost of packaging supplies or other expenses included in getting your item shipped to you including the parking meters I have to feed in order to go wait in line at the post office, etc. (shipping and handling). If you do not want to pay the shipping price in the listing, do not buy the item - I will NOT refund any excess shipping unless we agree before you purchase due to getting a shipping estimate (usually happens on extremely large orders only). INSURANCE up to $50 comes with items shipped in the US; if you want additional coverage, let me know so I can add it to the shipping before you buy. International buyers who want insurance will have to notify me as well so I can add it to shipping before you buy. Flashbax is not responsible for any damage that occurs in shipping. International shipping does NOT include insurance unless you request Priority Mail which comes with $50; if you want insurance on items being shipping to you internationally or if you are having your item shipping via Priority Mail, you must let me know so I can change the shipping price before you buy.
IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT VINTAGE CLOTHING: I describe each item to the best of my ability going over it with a fine tooth comb and also provide the 5 photos that Etsy allows per listing. Vintage clothing that is 50-70 years old will usually have some minor flaws that are just part of the aging. This usually happens with light color fabrics and includes FAINT discoloration and/or fading particularly in the armpits and on creases and or folds - these are normal and are usually not noticeable when wearing due to where they are (another thing with armpits is white residue from deodorant; people try things on and it gets on them and it might be on your item. Used clothing should be washed before you wear them anyways, and this comes out in the wash). Sometimes vintage clothing will have an "old" or "musty" odor just from being stored for several decades. This is something you can take care of several different ways depending upon fabric including hand washing and/or soaking in water with laundry detergent; hanging outside to air out; dry cleaning; etc - we do not take returns for this purpose unless we have a conversation about via Etsy before you purchase the item as this is a common occurrence with vintage and I cannot clean every piece and keep my prices where you all want them. Another very minor but common "flaw" with vintage is pin holes - tiny holes where someone used a safety pin for example or even pinned it up to hem, etc. These are so tiny, they aren't going to be noticed while you are wearing the item. There may be a spot(s) on the LINING that no one will see since it is inside the dress and I might not see it to include in the description but if it's on the INSIDE of the garment, no one is going to see it so it doesn't matter - if things that are this minor which do not show on the outside of the garment while it is being warn are an issue for you, please do not purchase from my shop as I do not take returns for anything that is disclosed here or in my descriptions. Lastly, an item can have perfect seams when it is shipped and then when you try it on, due to age, any pulling, stretching, etc can cause a seam to partially come undone - seam repairs are easy and cheap; they take a few minutes and a sewing machine. I do not take returns for these "flaws" and I cannot take returns if something happens when you are trying on or putting on the item. I do my best to describe every flaw in each description but these are some things that you can expect in general, no matter where you purchase from, especially when you are buying clothing in the 50-70 year old range. NOTE: I have 2 black dogs at home; I do go over items with a sticky roller to remove any pet hair before shipping; however, if you are going to get upset if there is a stray dog hair on your garment, please do not purchase from my shop - it is not a flaw to the garment and it doesn't mean it is dirty. Also expect to iron or steam your item when it arrives as they usually wrinkle or get folds in them from being packaged and shipped.
Flashbax was created out of love for vintage clothing and the importance of recycling clothing and accessories which would amount to tons of non-biodegrable waste in landfills. Flashbax is a member of the VINTAGE FASHION GUILD. We have been featured in Elle magazine several times, and we provide and have provided wardrobe for dozens of feature films, television shows and music videos. We have thousands of pieces of vintage clothing and accessories for men, women and children; our stock changes and rotates weekly. We will be adding items to our etsy shop almost daily. We are happy to answer any questions, send more info, more pix or measurements, etc. !! Just ask !

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.