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3 months

New Kickstarter for these super cute wing pins! Come check it out here http://kck.st/2FqAVaz

3 months

I'm part of a huge pin giveaway on Instagram! Win this slime parfait and 5 other pins, find out how to enter @fleacircusdesigns sparkling_heart

4 months

I'm giving away a dachshund pin! Come check it out and enter on instagram @fleacircusdesigns sparkling_heart

5 months

New slime parfait pin sparkling_heart It's plated in rose gold and has glitter enamel details!

6 months

One of four new slime pins that just arrived! Can't wait to take proper photos, the rose gold plating is my new favorite

6 months

Sticker sheets are arriving next month! Check out this dachshund sheet and 3 others available for preorder in the "sticker sheet" section of my shop sparkling_heart