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2 months

Baby crocodiles are so cute! Add an adorable and precious touch to your cardigan with this sweet porcelain brooch. Handmade with skill and soul in Brighton.

3 months

The range of clay necklaces will never come back... Last chance ever to buy! Also with a generous discount of -25%. Treat yourself!

4 months

These pink and gold porcelain earrings look so feminine and romantic! The delicate gold lustre details catch and reflect the light in different ways throughout the day. Enjoy the beauty of intricately handmade porcelain jewellery!

4 months

This is a VERY rare occasion... There is -20% off on most leather jewellery! Treat yourself until the 1st February and ENJOY!

4 months

A sweet porcelain shark dish is ready to join a new home!

5 months

On your bedside table can live a dreamy porcelain baby whale to hold your jewellery in a pretty way; it will be beautifully displayed and easy to reach quickly in the morning to get ready. Surround yourself with forever lasting objects that have a soul.

11 months

Porcelain brooches getting underglazed!

1 year

The full collection of illustrated brooches inspired by strong, eccentric female artists and writers of the 20th century, is now available!

2 years

New in the shop: the Louise necklace, an intricate design reminiscing of Art Deco, slowly handmade with love and care.

2 years

The precious sparkly black version of the Blossom necklace for a soft and festive winter! Now available in 14k gold filled.

2 years

The beautiful handcut petals of my Blossom necklace!

2 years

Soft pastel colours and delicate polka dot... What's not to love in my handmade clay pendant?