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3 days

A sweet porcelain shark dish is ready to join a new home!

2 weeks

On your bedside table can live a dreamy porcelain baby whale to hold your jewellery in a pretty way; it will be beautifully displayed and easy to reach quickly in the morning to get ready. Surround yourself with forever lasting objects that have a soul.

7 months

Porcelain brooches getting underglazed!

11 months

The full collection of illustrated brooches inspired by strong, eccentric female artists and writers of the 20th century, is now available!

1 year

New in the shop: the Louise necklace, an intricate design reminiscing of Art Deco, slowly handmade with love and care.

1 year

The precious sparkly black version of the Blossom necklace for a soft and festive winter! Now available in 14k gold filled.

1 year

The beautiful handcut petals of my Blossom necklace!