flockflockflockmade's Shop Announcement

WELCOME TO THE flockflockflockmade ETSY STORE! We're not selling items on ETSY anymore but you can ALWAYS reach us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/flockflockflock

We love love love making beautiful garments out of alternative materials like cellophane, tissue paper, gift wrapping and garland! These garments are one of a kind creations with some unconventional features like DIY packing tape closures, tissue paper petticoats and sticky bras which take some creative collaboration to come together perfectly!

Every Flockflockflockmade garment is oh-so-fun and a real attention getter, well worth the preparaton and attention it takes to wear one! <3 <3 <3

to find out more about us...

find us! www.facebook.com/flockflockflock

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visit us here! www.flockflockflock.com