fluffygoodness' Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Fluffy Goodness Adoption Center! Each creature is hand made by me, Adam Levine. They're made of super-soft polar fleece, polyester fill, button eyes and rainbow hugs. Feel free to contact me with any questions or check out the main site at

Every "Sibling" is unique and up for adoption. They all have their own names and one-of-a-kind bios printed on their tags.

Benefits to Adopting Fluffy Goodness

You'll have:
1. A new friend who won't judge you
2. An adorable pillow to rest your head on
3. A potentially awesome car decoration
4. Respect in your community
5. Social confidence when talking to others

*NOTE* Since they have plastic button eyes, if you're under the age of five, this may not be a good idea for you...but on another note, congratulations on both your ability to read and surf the internet at such a young age.

Thanks for stopping by!