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I"m Tracy Melton. The "Tree Ring" paintings, are my signature works of art. Inspired by nature, and created with pride, every piece of art I make is professionally crafted by me.

Devastated by a Dutch Elm Disease many years ago, the Red Elm was one of Americas most beautiful hardwoods. Over 70 million trees were wiped out during the 20th century. They are making a comeback thanks to DED-tolerant American elms, but it will take many years.
The wood is dense and heavy. It has a deep red tint, and feels wonderful in your hand.
I love this great American tree. I search through woodlands in Northern Indiana to find dead standing Elms that I can give new life too. The result is a wonderful piece of art. I like consider the bright rings I paint on the wood a commemorative to the once great Red American Elm.

To read more about This Great American tree, please visit the US Forest Service website:

I am a established, professional artist, who creates high end, upscale, original, modern art by using reclaimed Red Elm trees cut from deep inside a woodland, near a creek, and past a cornfield in the Hoosier State of Indiana.

My work has been featured on many well known such shows as, Martha Stewart, NBC's Parenthood, and CBS's Two Broke Girls. My signature "Tree Ring Series" of paintings, have been used by hotels, hospitals, and many corporate offices.

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