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We have several items to choose from.
We offer numerous layout styles, fonts, etc.
We will create Original artwork (for a design not available) for ($149.99)
All orders require a setup fee of $19.99
Please purchase this item and we will send you our order form.
Please specify what occasion the item is for when purchasing.

Etsy is set up where we can only charge one cost for shipping for all our art work regardless of size, weight or location.
Therefore, we have calculated an average shipping rate.
Only when we have shipped your order do we have the exact price.
Some orders will require extra shipping which will be invoiced upon shipping.

If you have browsed our shop, you will see that we offer GICLEE prints.
Do you know what a GICL'EE PRINT is? (Pronounced "Zhee-Clay") is French for "to spray". To produce a Gicl'ee, the original painting is scanned professionally, photographed and stored as a digital file, then sent to a resolution printer. This new technology sprays ink on the surface to create images of incredible detail and brilliance. Major museums throughout the world display Gicl'ees.

Gallery wrap vs. Traditional Canvas

There is sometimes confusion between "gallery wrap" and “traditional canvas".
Both are unfinished pieces.

Gallery wrap is canvas which is cut large so a framer can wrap the canvas around thick wooden bars. When the framer is through there will be no visible fasteners (e.g., staples or tacks) because it is meant to be a finished product that is intended to be hung unframed.

In contrast, Traditional canvas requires stretching and framing. The hardware is also unique; the stretcher bars are thinner allowing the fasteners to show.

We have started insuring all of our packages. This costs more, but it gives us peace of mind. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys art like you and I do. They have no idea what a treasure is in the package we are sending to you. It means a lot to us to hear from you once you receive your package. We certainly appreciate your feedback.

If you desire to have your package rushed once we share the professional scan of your work, we can invoice you for over-night shipping. The cost will vary due to location.

Trying to figure out what size tree?

XX-Small: Up to 80 guests: 11'' x 14''
Watercolor: $70.00 Traditional Canvas: $80.00 Gallery Wrap: $90.00

X-Small: Up to 125 guests:12'' x 16''
Watercolor: $76.00 Traditional Canvas: $86.00 Gallery Wrap: $96.00

Small: Up to 150 guests: 16'' x 20''
Watercolor: $100.00 Traditional Canvas: $120.00 Gallery Wrap: $130.00

Medium: Up to 180 guests: 18'' x 24''
Watercolor: $111.00 Traditional Canvas: $136.00 Gallery Wrap: $150.00

Large: Up to 225 guests: 20'' x 30''
Watercolor: $130.00 Traditional Canvas: $163.00 Gallery Wrap: $180.00

X-Large: For over 225 guests: 36'' x 24''
Watercolor: $145.00 Traditional Canvas: $195.00 Gallery Wrap: $215.00

XX-Large: For over 400 guests: 30'' x 40''
Watercolor: $255.00 Traditional Canvas: $320.00 Gallery Wrap: $345.00

We use archival K12 pigment ink that will exceed 100 years in normal indoor display.

We print on (hot or cold press) 100 cotton, acid free Watercolor paper
up to 60" wide $.14 per sq in.

Water Resistant Cotton/poly acid free Canvas
up to 60" wide $.22 per sq in.
Gallery wrapped canvas: add 2 in. to each side of the requested size of artwork when calculating co$t.

******* THE NEXT STEP *******

If you are interested in ordering one of our trees, please send us your e-mail address and we will send you one of our order forms. Our short order form is for orders that require a short turn around and have no custom request. Our long form is for orders that are placed well in advance of the wedding and require custom request. It is more detailed to ensure that you receive exactly what you desire.

A personal note Jan:

"I have been blessed beyond measure. I love a fabulous cup of tea and will share joy and laughter with you at the drop of a hat. I hope you enjoy some of the many treasures on our pages we have shared with numerous families over the years.... We are anxious to create a unique work of art just for you. We know where our blessings come from and we will pray over your canvas before we begin.

I am married to my biggest fan: my college sweetheart. We have been blessed with four beautiful and gifted children with names that all begin with "CH". Thus: "fourch". My husband has worked very hard over the years and I was blessed to thriftily stay home and care for our children over the span of 15 years. I have taught school for 14 years. One of my greatest honors while teaching was to be named "Teacher of the Year". I have also illustrated three children's books.

"Micki’s 18 Hats" by M.B. Johnson, "Dragonfly" by Bradley Chance Hays and "Mr. Fidget’s Big Day" by M. B. Robbins

Let's Count it all JoY....for JoY ComEtH in ThE MorNiNg..."

Sincerely yours,
Melissa Jan Hopkins Hays

A personal note from Carla:

Thank you for visiting our shop. I am blessed to assist Jan in creating unique trees just for you. I am honored to share in making your celebration all you hope it to be and I look forward to assisting you in that endeavor. I currently have a BFA in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Applied design.

Sincerely yours,
Carla Odom

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