foxalive's Shop Announcement

Hello! All orders will take 1-2 weeks before shipping (people living in CA - this means you, too). This isn't a next day business as everything is made by hand w/ a lot of pride, meaning you won't get cheap prints on t-shirt fabric. Please keep this in mind as the distro is run by one person who works 48-96 hour weeks and goes to school full-time (light a candle for me, please). I try my best to make things fast, but expect later rather than sooner due to order volume and work. Please consider this before ordering; if you'd like next/same day delivery, there is an option for that, but be aware if you did not pay for that service and message me asking why things have not shipped - after all these notices of shipping times or include a note saying you need it sooner - your order WILL be refunded/cancelled as I simply do not have the time to justify shipping times when I'm running around.

If there are any concerns about shipping, or your order, feel free to message me.

When messaging, please await 48 hours for a response, and do so via Etsy (not my email - which will be sent to my spam filter). Also, if you are purchasing as a gift, please leave a note so I do not include a receipt of sales.

To help keep up with orders, once an item sells out (with the exception of shirts), it will not be remade until I am caught up.

Non-Etsy users can contact me through the Twitter or Facebook links provided on this page.


Q: Why do your patches cost so much? It's just cheap fabric and spray-paint.
A: No, it's not. And the reason it costs so much is because Etsy/PayPal fees associated with each sale. As well as this price range keeping the amount of orders down far enough to wear a single operator can actually handle it while going to school/work full-time.

Q: Okay, then why does shipping cost more than an actual patch? Stamps are like 50 cents.
A: I used to charge close to nothing for shipping, and it worked out better for me financially as well, but then people started losing their orders, and opening claims before I could even figure out what happened (they put in a wrong address, the post office was taking their time, or they flat out lost the order), asking why I didn't provide tracking information when they didn't want to pay extra for it. So now tracking information and insurance is non-negotiable for both of our protection, as sometimes the USPS does lose my packages, and I end up having to file claims with them. I'd like to make this stuff as cheap as possible, but this is honestly better than having people yell at me for "not shipping" out orders, as I can point to the tracking number for most issues.

Q: I live nearby to Orange. Can I just come by your place and buy from you directly?
A: Hell no.

Q: Do you plan to make any more ____ patches?
A: If a patch I make is sold out, I either haven't had the time to renew the listing, or stopped making it because it is not an original piece and the artist/band could not be contacted for permission. And I don't like going behind artists backs for a buck, especially if they're still active and selling their own merch to continue doing what they do.




Repeat customers (3 orders or more) can message us for discount codes.


Be sure to follow our tumblr (, twitter, and Facebook for any news. I randomly put up coupon codes on those websites.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.