Foxman's Shop Announcement

Hello & Welcome to The Foxman Art Studio ! My name is Brian Fox and I am honored to make your company. For more info, please check out my home website at

I currently have all 5 of my self-released Cd's, high & low end collages and Foxman jewelry available for purchase. Over the years I have become very well known on a global scale for being a creative songwriter who employs a Hollywood approach and tends to cross multiple musical genres. Make sure to leave your inhibitions behind and enjoy the ride because Foxman Music is a wild, meandering stroll down the crossroads of life. If curiosity has gotten the best of you then stop what you are doing right now and visit my home website at: There is only so much I can say in words, my music is at its best when you are listening to it :)

As far as my artwork goes, I started creating my own collages about 11 years ago and I am very proud of how they have developed into a signature art form of mine. I think my attention to detail is what sets me apart from my peers. All images in the collages are meticulously cut out by hand from various magazines that either caught my eye, captured a certain period of time or fit a mood. I am very good at achieving balance and I have an uncanny knack for arranging the cutouts in a way that tells a story or fits into a certain theme. Once completed, each collage is autographed and covered with a clear glaze to help preserve it and protect it from the elements. The collages are then displayed within a classy gold, or silver, wood/glass frame (unless otherwise stated). All of my 16"x20" high end collages are professionally framed and are covered with a UV protectant gloss. Any one of these collages would quickly become a focal point, and favorite topic of conversation, in any room you choose to display them in. The same attention to detail also applies to my jewelry. Each item is professionally strung using 18 gauge wire and crimps.

I am a down to Earth person with a good sense of humor. If you have any questions about anything, please feel more than welcome to ask. Thanks Again ! I appreciate your friendship and support :)

* As with all artwork, it is highly recommended that you display the collages in rooms with little to no direct sunlight. Over time, direct sunlight will cause fading.