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Hello and welcome to my world of jewelry design!

My name is Maggie. 35 years of working in SOLID sterling silver and SOLID gold designs, I will be offering different styles as time allows in a price range that should suit most pocketbooks!
As it is just me, completing the 10-14 steps to the finished process, I hope you find something different here.
It is only in the last 8 years I have jumped on board here with serious intent for the virtual shopper. Please ask any questions, anytime!

Please remember to be patient with me in some special orders. This is a 10-14 step procedure to the finish in most cases, anything at anytime can compromise the design. 95% of the time I am fast, accurate, detail oriented and your pleasure is my top concern as well as a fast delivery. Be sure your address is correct on your order form and any kind of special concern is necessary for a successful transaction, the most important factor is your ring size. Please visit your local jewelry store, if the design I am showing includes a wide band, ask for the men's sizer, if the band is thinner, then ask for the women's sizer.
This is a misconception as the size corresponds with the thickness of the band, not the gender!!!!

If any stones happen to escape, I replace them for free or if there was a prong that broke (heavens!), I absolutely will fix or replace it at no extra charge. My policy is that I only want my customers to return for more rings not repairs!
This is a lesson I learned in the beginning 35 years ago!

For a size chart go to either sites:


I cannot guarantee these will be accurate, an in-person visit to the jewelry store would bring the best results. I cannot stress how important this is for me to make a successful transaction.

If a piece is time sensitive, please let me know, this is very important.

Please be sure your shipping address is correct, the final piece of the puzzle!

Located in Freedom, California, 95019. My cell phone number is available for special conversations! Please let me know if you need me personally.

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