FreshSqueezedLymeAid's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop, specializing in PICC line & I.V. knitted armbands! A comfy and stylish solution to an uncomfortable medical device :). $2 from every PICC line sale will be donate the CanLyme!

I also sell the *Dry PRO PICC Line Protector* (, which seals out water so your can swim, shower and bathe normally! No more emergency dressing changes or risk of infection!Purchase both knitted and non-latex armbands together to save on shipping! Purchase the DryPRO here:

Visit my website,, for more pictures of the armbands, explore custom options, updates about the latest stock and special offers! Find me on facebook too!

A portion of the proceeds from all my creations will go to CanLyme (, an incredible Canadian organization promoting research, education, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and other Tick-Borne Diseases. Many, many people are sick with this terrible disease, and not much is being done about it by our mainstream healthcare systems.That's why supporting charities like CanLyme is so important! Misinformation, flawed testing, denial on the part of doctors, and lack of public awareness create a terrible situation for the suffering patients. Feel free to check out my blog,, where I write of the experiences and lessons learned from my journey with Lyme disease, and also my various crafting exploits! Learn a little about Lyme disease too, by checking out my 'Lyme 101' tab on my blog :). ~

Amount donated so far: $1000! Wahoo!

All items knit in a pet-free, smoke-free, latex-free, vegan home. I try to store the armbands in sealed plastic bags when I am not knitting them, in order to avoid contamination with allergens, for those with sensitives, like me.

The environment is very important to me in all aspects of my life, so of course my business is no different. A single armband All items will be shipped in a reused package whenever possible, and padded with newspaper as necessary. An e-invoice will be sent in order to save trees!

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Happy trails, and thanks for checking out my shop!

Peace & Health,
Nicole <3

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.