fringecollection's Shop Announcement

welcome to the etsy shop of artist paige moore and eve sinclair,, home of the original faux bearskin rugs. these rugs are a true example of faux taxidermy and look just like the real thing. we also carry other lovely items such as our bullet-riddled tank lamps and 3-dimensional paintings, as well as a thoroughly unique collection of jewelry, crafted from a variety of natural materials melded with found objects to create inspired and ecofriendly works of art. wholesale pricing is available - please inquire if you're interested.

fringe (frnj) n.
1. A decorative border or edging of hanging threads, cords, or strips, often attached to a separate band.
2. Something that resembles such a border or edging.
3. A marginal, peripheral, or secondary part: "They like to hang out on the geographical fringes, the seedy outposts" James Atlas.