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Upcoming event list:

November 22nd
Homecrafters Marketplace
Sunset Center, Carmel-by-the-Sea

December 5th-6th
Happy Girl Kitchen (173 Central Ave. Pacific Grove)
Friday 5-8:30pm
Saturday 10-4

December 7th
Chautauqua Hall Holiday Sale

December 13th
Fringe Friend Sale
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Local Monterey peninsula folks and visitors, also find me here:

Mondays, Pacific Grove Farmer's Market, 3-6PM on Central!

Pino's Italian Cafe in Monterey, or BookWorks in Pacific Grove randomly other days.

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****Please note: MOST listings are "custom order" (as mentioned first in their descriptions), meaning I sold the pictured item but will gladly make one for you as similarly as I can, or just how you like it!******** Thanks!!

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Crossing into my second decade of selling hats, I feel honored to be part of such a great time where people are so aware of and so interested in buying handmade, artistic items, supporting the many gifted crafters out there. I'm so grateful you have found my site.

My designs are completely original, inspired by my immediate environments, including oceans, forests, animals, food, and Anthropologie (best store on earth). Each hat is torqued and tweaked to fit snugly along the edge, using secret increasing and decreasing techniques, yet somehow remaining very "roomy". You will never put on a more comfortable, more flattering hat. The scarves are not your everyday scarves either... from tentacles to extra fringe, these designs are meant to delight and inspire!

If you don't see exactly the colors or fiber you are looking for, I would be more than excited to create a custom item for you!!