friskylambfarm's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Frisky Lamb Farm, home of 100% grass-fed, humanely raised Tunis sheep raised on our 75-acre family farm in Glen Aubrey, NY.

Tunis sheep are an American Heritage breed known for their gentle disposition and naturally low-fat meat. While we specialize in meat one of the wonderful things about raising sheep is that nothing is wasted. Their fleece is processed into wool yarns and their tanned hides make seat covers and other warm wonderful things.

Our hides are processed in Pennsylvania. Our roving is processed at Fingerlakes Woolen Mills in Genoa, NY. We try to use only small family operations like our farm.

Because our sheep are raised completely on pasture, our roving does have some vegetable matter in it despite our best efforts at skirting and processing. This veggie matter comes out easily in spinning.

The Tunis roving is delightful to spin and makes beautiful garments that show off stitch patterns. It also blends well with other fibers like alpaca and silk and gives them extra structure.

We sometimes have roving and fleeces from nearby farms which were sheared by our owner/shepherd/shearer, Jerry.

In addition to our fleece and roving, we have tanned lambskins available.

If you are local, please contact us about buying meat.

Shipping will take place no later than the first Friday after the ordered is completed. We have beautiful Tunis, Rambouillet and Romney roving. If you pm me, we will place special listings for you for larger quantities.