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*Funk Off! only has limited quantities of scents at a time - to keep our cost in check and our products fresh we are going to be doing all of our products in batches and making all of our scents at once. This means that when we're out, we're out...until we need to re-up ALL scents -- at which time we will only be choosing to keep those scents and products that are MOST popular.

*We will take custom orders of: 8 bars of soap or more, 5 or more bottles of spray, and 10 or more orders of lip balm.

*Funk Off! ships ALL orders ONCE A WEEK on Fridays.

*We will offer a 30% discount in place of "wholesale" - please contact us for details; minimum order amount applies!

** We have removed the apricot seed from our bar soaps - we know the panel is torn on this one! Some of you love it and some of you have been just waiting for the day we got rid of it. We know you come for the scents anyway, so we hope this won't be too shocking. ;)

Thank you for sticking with us and being so rad and supportive while we've transitioned! We're happy to be back and we look forward to shopping with you!!

Keep it Fresh!
"the Funk Off! crew"

*Please see our shipping and shop policies for information before placing your order!*
*We DO ship international! Please don't be discouraged! We heart our friends across the globe! Just take a look at our shipping policy!*


Welcome to our shop!
We hope you like what you see and we're certain you'll like what you smell when your order arrives! We've got a product for just about anyone, if you gotta get fresh why not Funk Off!

All of our products are natural and cruelty free. In fact, all of our products are fully Vegan!

All of our natural, earth friendly products are made by us, we only work in small batches to ensure top of the line quality and freshness and long lasting scent. Every little measure, chop, mix, pour, cut, fold, stamp, wrap is done by us. We put the utmost care and attention into every detail, every step of the way to create a perfect product every time…not factory perfect, truly handmade perfect!!!

All of our scents are favorites. We’re not kidding! Originally we started with a trial of about 16 different scents (imagine smelling one after the other, 16 times in a row!), but once the results were in we were able to narrow it down to our Top 8 scents. So, every scent we bring you is the best one!

Each soap is made using the finest ingredients. Our natural soaps boast quality, the hemp and shea butter soaps have higher amounts of actual hemp seed oil and naturally crushed shea butter than most of their kind. And the palm oil in our bases comes from vendors that are members of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil!

We hope you enjoy all of our natural products and eco friendly packaging! We do our best to make sure we are bringing you a truly handmade product, using hand stamped recycled packaging materials.

Please see our shop policies to learn more about international shipping.

***We are very proud members of the EtsyVeg Team!!!***