gangbusters' Shop Announcement

LIQUIDATION SALE! Everything at least 60% off!

This jewelry designer is preparing for some Life Changes, so Gangbusters is going on hiatus. Right now we need the space more than the inventory, so we're pricing things to MOVE.We're reaching the end of some of these editions and many of them may not be made again in the future, so if you've got your eye on anything, this is the time and the price to grab it.

• Check out the new Gangbusters bullet pieces! They're made from fired bullet casings recovered from a private firing range, and they look great with everything from swimsuits to business attire.

• The Steamroll collection features gold, brass and copper tones, and is inspired by industry. Its hard edges are tempered by a shiny steampunk sweetness that makes each piece pretty and flattering, yet assertive and enigmatic. Think of it as wearing the Industrial Revolution around your neck—but more delicate, and with 100% less child labor.

• Each piece of resin jewelry used to be something else: game pieces (Scrabble, Rummikub, dominoes, checkers), discarded comic books, vintage MAD magazines from the '70s, vintage movie magazines from the '60s, road maps, catalogs, and whatever other interesting paper I can get my hands on.

Nothing you see here is a photocopy or scan; nothing has been produced multiple times. Everything is one of a kind, made from the thing it looks like. No copies. No tricks. Just accessories with a sense of humor.

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