gardenwhimsies' Shop Announcement

Each item cast from a live leaf, hand-painted, numbered & one-of-a-kind. Most garden art items stand on a pole over flowers & shrubs - PERFECT one-of-a-kind garden gifts!

Please excuse my time away from my shop. After emptying out most of my stock at my Last Milwaukie show (next show in that neighborhood will be at holiday shows, see the list lower on this page), I've been nursing a sore back, setting up casting areas and hoping to return to Farmers Market shows at the end of October.

>>>>>I'll be painting some large and medium pieces soon and putting them on sale (scheduling all these holiday shows takes money as does all the supplies to cast not only my holiday pieces but also every piece needed until July when the leaves are BIG and they've sat for 30 days to cure and harden!). Check back by Sunday for new items and a fast sale!!!

I'll be doing some BIG-time casting for the holiday show pieces. My goal is to have a couple hundred smaller pieces available so mail is less expensive and the choices more numerous. The same will be my goal for my local holiday shows with two distinct inventories so my online shop will stay open 24/7. Keep an eye out for specials I'll run online, too.

LOCAL SHOWS/MARKETS UPCOMING (or being attempted given the weather)...
Mid-late October sometime I will attempt to return to the following shows but weather will make it tricky so check back on my schedule OFTEN as I confirm shows just a couple days beforehand in case the Weather turns bad quickly:

POSSIBLE FARMERS MARKET I'LL RETURN to through end of October 2015:
**Saturdays: Downtown Hillsboro and Salem
**Sundays: Tigard Area FM, Burnham Road & Astoria (possibly some cruise ship dates)
**Thursdays: McMinnville (not likely since that market ends mid-October, but they'll be holding a raffle with one of my gift certificates as a prize!)
>> [For those with my business cards, email me to be notified of local shows thru Oct.]

Some holiday shows will ONLY feature small pieces due to available booth space. I'll bring multiple boxes of small pieces and rotate them throughout the show so selection will change throughout each show itself. Confirmation of these shows don't happen until Mid-October in most cases so please be patient.

11/13, 10-6 & 11/14, 9-5 - New Hope Comm. Church (37th Annual, 110 vendors), 11731 SE Stevens Rd, (Across 205 freeway from Clackamas Town Center Mall) 97086 (sm. with limited large pieces)
11/15 - Mittelman Jewish Comm. Ctr, (10-4) 651 SW Capitol Hwy, GARDEN HM (sm.)
11/21 - Llewellyn School, 6301 SE 14th Ave (Sellwood), Sat., 10-5pm (small pieces only)

HOLIDAY SHOWS PENDING APPROVAL: (will be moved to CONFIRMED as approved)
*11/7 - Dennis 7 Dees FOSTER-Powell, 6025 SE Powell Blvd., 97206 (small / large pcs)
*11/8 - Dennis 7 Dees LAKE OSWEGO, 1090 McVey Ave., 97034 (small / large pcs)
*12/4 - Duniway Holiday Home Tour, (10-3pm & 6-9pm) 7700 SE Reed College Pl. (Westmoreland) at Vendor location. Departure point to home tour trollies (sm pcs. only)
*12/5 - Da Vinci School (12-4) 2508 NE Evergreen St. KERNS/BUCKMAN (small only)
12/6 - Laurelhurst School (LAURELHURST), (9-4) 840 NE 41st Ave. (small pcs only)

11/14 - Harvest Mkt & Bazaar, TIGARD High Sch. - Needed 2 days at New Hope Show.

~~ONLINE SHOPPERS: To avoid mix-ups over the holidays, I'll have 2 sets of inventories. One for online buyers and one for local buyers. This way everyone will have choices and I'll be able to ship immediately. It's pretty impossible to perfectly duplicate a leaf so everyone will be happy to get their perfect leaf as a gift!

Bird-watching is a great hobby for backyard gardens!! Bathing is vital so that birds can keep their feathers in good condition. Great article here:

Sizes, colors and shapes of leaves change THROUGHOUT the season! Follow me to see new items - every single live leaf is cast into cement and then handpainted. Water Lilies and Gunneras are slim pickings (lilies are slow to grow and squirrels are digging on the gunneras' roots). So grab them as I may not have more choices till next year!

WANNA TRADE? I NEED an I-phone 5, 5s, etc. that is ATT-compatible to run my Etsy shop while ALSO doing local shows... Convo me if interested or for more details!!


EACH LEAF is one-of-a-kind. Custom orders are done quickly but only available until mid-October (and then again in January through March). In October, my focus will be on in-stock items for the holidays.

☞ LOOK AT MY REVIEWS-Colors are even prettier in person & shipping fast!

☞ If you are interested in a larger size, different color, etc. let me know. Custom pieces can often be completed within a couple of days.

☞ INTERESTED IN OTHER COLORS, LEAVES OR SIZES? The Pinterest page shows a VERY small sampling of thousands of pieces I've created. For past colors and finishes go to my PINTEREST page for a sampling of the thousands of leaves I've created since 2008:

1) MOUNT STYLE - Do you want it to stand up in garden, sit flat, do both or even hang?
2) COLORS - Choose from "natural" finishes, all metallic or mixed (natural and metallic)
3) LEAF TYPE - Want smooth textures like a hosta? Heavy veins like a Rhubarb?


I do not have an actual "studio," I meet clients around town or deliver them instead.
I will refund shipping (back onto your credit card or, in cash) minus a delivery fee.
Contact me for details.

I work nearly a year in advance to carry sufficient stock. Some years may be more prolific and others not. Water Lilies have been very hard to grow for the last couple of years. Gunnera while they grow up to 5 feet wide are only cast in smaller pieces and the squirrels have been trying to dig those up so limited pieces will be available.

Custom and specialty items (3 foot and wider leaves or fountains) must be fit in between the regular production work so contact me early in the season for best leaf availability.

I sell all year round and ship all over the U.S.

If you have a favorite leaf, coloration, etc. please ask. I have lots of leaves and may have the leaf size you want. You tell me the colors and we'll get it listed.

Larger leaf listings are almost always picked out for custom order requests so if you want one for a special event such as a birthday, anniversary or housewarming gift - contact me so we can put aside your perfect leaf!


I consider feedback (or reviews) on each purchase to be VERY important. I take a lot of time creating these pieces, packing carefully and shipping them fast, please take the time to provide a review on your purchase.

For more information on how to leave an Etsy Review go to this link: Reviews can only be left for 60 days after shipping, after that the ability to do so is closed.


Please convo me. I will gladly accept checks (given time for clearance and will mark your item RESERVED while your check is processing).


I have multiple extra-large, unpainted pieces (averaging 4 feet or wider) which are not brought to local shows (due to size/weight): gunnera, tetrapanax, japanese butterbur and others... Contact me if you are interested in these for water features, garden focal pieces or alters, etc.

PLEASE NOTE I do reserve the right to sell, or not sell to, various persons. I have invested a lot of time and money isolating the products and processes to make my items and in some cases I may choose not to share with competing interests and will promptly refund your money.

All of my pieces are handmade by me and photos of them in part or full are my property. Any use of those images whether solo or in compilation images will be pursued for copyright violation (I've had several folks try using my images for their own "how-to" articles). Misuse will be pursued across any venues in which they are found.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.