gardenwhimsies' Shop Announcement

MOTHER'S DAY (and Spring) pieces coming soon!
More items to be listed early this week. Most are hostas. I have over 400 leaves are waiting to be done so will start preparing one at a time!).

~~INTERESTED IN OTHER COLORS OR LEAVES? For past colors and finishes go to my PINTEREST page for a sampling of the thousands of leaves I've created since 2008:

Please note I will be painting and adding more items to my shop from the middle of March and onwards. I have 400 items cast and awaiting paint but am developing a new product line (repurposed stained glass) and am racing jury deadlines till 3/15!

If you'd like a custom item, let me know so I can put these into the production lineup once I'm back onto leaves!

Let me know what you'd like prepared for your garden BEFORE the Spring rush as I'll be juggling a 9-5 job, preparing for Spring/Garden shows and for Mother's Day.

☞ Check out the FLAT-BOTTOM pieces (some ALSO go onto poles). Use them indoors in Winter and in the Garden in Spring-time. All sizes listed in the Flat-Bottom section.
☞ WANT CUSTOM HOSTAS?: For this year, Extra large hostas are available as pole-mount, tabletop flat bottomed and dual (works on pole-mount or flat)! These can be done for rush, custom orders - contact me.
☞ CUSTOM - need IDEAS? If you'd like something in particular, contact me. It's always easier to do a finish for you than to figure out what everyone would like. For ideas on colors, check out my Pinterest page here:

This is a VERY small sampling of the thousands of pieces I've created.


Please note that I will be further scaling back the number of markets I do and focus more on showing pieces online (rather than lots of heavy lifting) and art shows.

All shows are on hold right now as I interview for jobs and muster up cash, etc. Meanwhile, I'm getting leaves "basepainted" so they are ready to go to show within a week of booking them!

to confirm that I am attending and haven't rescheduled
due to weather (heat/rain) or conflicting events! <~~

Shows I WILL be booking into this year:
Hillsboro & Milwaukie Farmers Market
Art & Garden Shows will be VERY limited (due to starting a new glass product line)


When items are shipped, you will receive confirmation emails from Fedex when the item ships and arrives at its destination. I ship out items every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

JUST INCLUDE A NOTE IN YOUR PURCHASE with 1) When you want it to ship out (any Monday, Wednesday or Friday) and 2) Any message on a card if you want one enclosed.


Look for some great items coming up. While it is possible to try duplicating a leaf, you'll find each leaf is unique and they make exceptional gifts (gardener's birthday, housewarmings, etc.).

~ LOCAL DELIVERIES: Because I do not have an actual "studio," I meet clients around town or deliver them instead. I will refund the shipping costs (I can reverse the charge back onto your credit card or, in cash) minus a minimal delivery fee. Contact me for details.

Water lily prices will go up due to how slow they were growing last year (2014). As a result, I am less able to access larger lilies and the smaller ones are fewer in number, too. I will be adding a new type of lily pad to the collection, these will be listed but will still be in smaller quantities.

I cast hundreds of pieces (while the leaves are still growing). This is how I ensure that I have tons of pieces during the garden season as well as plenty ready for Holiday gifts AND the next Spring (before the leaves are back up to casting size). As a result, I work nearly a year in advance to carry sufficient stock. Really custom and specialty items (3 foot and wider leaves or fountains) must be fit in between the regular production work so contact me early in the season for best leaf availability.

I sell all year round and ship all over the U.S. so the biggest trick to keeping enough inventory when the growing season ends. I tend to cast upwards of 400 or so leaves each year (honestly, I think it's more but I lose track with so many in storage)...

~~FOLLOW ME on Etsy to see new items as I list them!


~ Please do NOT purchase RESERVED items. These are being custom created for clients or awaiting shipment with additional pieces. I will have to cancel/refund any sales on reserved items and don't want to leave anyone in a lurch scrambling for a last minute gift. Consider buying a Gift Card instead as I'll work with your recipient to create something perfect for their particular garden instead.

If you have a favorite leaf, coloration, etc. please ask. I have lots of leaves and may have the leaf size you want. You tell me the colors and we'll get it listed.

Otherwise, you have to wait for me to pick out different sized leaves, figure out what colors to paint them and then finally list them... Larger leaf listings are almost always picked out for custom order requests so if you want one for a special event such as a birthday, anniversary or housewarming gift - contact me with a couple months to spare (a custom cast, cure and paint takes a month).

Please note that custom orders start at $75 or more. While I try to price my finished pieces in all price ranges, the amount of correspondence needed to create a custom piece can take a bit of time. I don't mind coming up with the perfect combination for your garden, but I need to charge appropriately. The pieces in my shop are priced due to several factors including but not limited to size, availability of leaf, complexity of paint finish, etc.

BASIC INFO to consider for custom orders:
Leaf Type/Sizes and colors you prefer
Your budget (including shipping)

We will cover the above details. I'll check stock to see what I have that may fill your request. I'll pull out available "blanks" (leaves that are not yet painted in decorative colors) and confirm estimated shipping charges once one is chosen. We'll work with available photos to nail down colors and effects desired. I then proceed onto finishing it - just for you. Just before I seal your piece, I will send photos for any last minute changes and then proceed onto sealing.

For this reason, I'll try to ask all the right questions to isolate precisely what will work in YOUR garden. Depending on my schedule, some orders can take up to 2 weeks, a specially cast piece takes a minimum of 30 days (as the cement has to cure before painting and sealing). I look forward to helping you with your custom piece(s)!

Please note that all available leaves listed on my site are already made and one-of-a-kind - this is why every leaf is numbered (it's the only way I can keep track). I keep notes on almost every leaf so I can replicate paint finishes as closely as possible (never identical). If you have a finish in mind, let me know the number of the leaf so I can pull up my notes.

~ GIFT CARDS now available (in-store or custom items) - Every gardener's dream! Emailable PDFs, or hard copy certificates that can be mailed out. This is the best way to get your favorite gardener's color, leaf type and size for their garden - LET THEM PICK IT OUT! I do custom work usually at no additional charge so I'll work with them to get the perfect item for their garden. I have hundreds of leaves waiting to be painted between now and Spring. Let me make one for your favorite person!


When ordered all leaves are shipped out Monday, Wednesday and Friday for all items ordered by 1PM, PST the day before. This turn-around time applies to all in-stock items both postal and Fedex shipping. Bear in mind that shipping a box locally can cost $11 compared to $18 across the U.S. and someone in a more rural area of New York can cost $24 instead of $18 so my prices are set at a comparable rate to average all these factors and make ordering a bit more predictable wherever you are in the continental U.S.

ALASKA, HAWAII & U.S. Territories - Please contact me for custom shipping quotes. Shipping an $18 package to the lower states can cost up to $55 to Alaska.

~~SMALLER leaves are usually shipped Postal Priority mail and arrive within 2-3 days anywhere in the U.S. (Mon. through Sat.) Once your item is shipped, I will email you with a Tracking number. The needed "elbow room" to ensure safe shipping is often NOT enough in flat rate boxes hence I use Fedex more often.
~~LARGER leaves are shipped Fedex and will arrive 1-5 days anywhere in the U.S. (One day for many West coast destinations and 5 days for all East coast destinations - Mon. through Sat.) You will receive emails directly from Fedex with a tracking info once it arrived at their office as well as when it is delivered.

~~Upon receipt, please confirm with me as soon as possible that your item has arrived in great condition. All of my items are packed VERY carefully and are insured. Having shipped hundreds of leaves, a few leaves have broken and knowing that many of these items are gifts - I want to ensure your piece is completely ready for gifting. Since some of these leaves are difficult to come by so I often hold my breath until I know they've arrived safe.


I consider feedback (or reviews) on each purchase to be VERY important. I take a lot of time creating these pieces, packing carefully and shipping them fast, please take the time to provide a review on your purchase. I really pride myself in keeping a high ratio of reviews on my transactions so others can see from your experience that my artwork, photography and packing is above and beyond what is expected. For more information on how to leave an Etsy Review go to this link: Reviews can only be left for 60 days after shipping, after that the ability to do so is closed.


If you are looking for a matching set of leaves contact me ASAP so I can pull out similar or properly scaled pieces to be finished in sets for you.


Every piece is one of a kind and numbered. My available leaves and finishes constantly change. Few leaves EVER look the same (shape, size, depth, colors, etc.). Because of this I began numbering each individual leaf a couple years ago (I've been casting since 2008).

Every week I change up the colors, leaf types and sizes of items that I'm painting so you can find the perfect item for your garden or gift.

If you are local to Portland (Oregon), come to one of my shows as these pieces are even prettier in person!. I normally bring 40-50+ pieces to every show so you have lots of choices! After the weekend shows, I then photograph and list the remaining items on Etsy. Many weekends that I am attending local shows, my shop may go into VACATION MODE.

If you see something that you adore don't wait before purchasing it. Although I keep notes on every leaf I paint, it can be difficult to create something close to the original.


Please convo me. I will gladly accept checks (given time for clearance and will mark your item RESERVED while your check is processing).


I have multiple extra-large, unpainted pieces (averaging 4 feet or wider) which are not brought to local shows (due to size/weight): gunnera, tetrapanax, japanese butterbur and others... Contact me if you are interested in these for water features, garden focal pieces or alters, etc.

PLEASE NOTE I do reserve the right to sell, or not sell to, various persons. I have invested a lot of time and money isolating the products and processes to make my items and in some cases I may choose not to share with competing interests and will promptly refund your money.

All of my pieces are handmade by me and photos of them in part or full are my property. Any use of those images whether solo or in compilation images will be pursued for copyright violation (I've had several folks try using my images for their own "how-to" articles). Misuse will be pursued across any venues in which they are found.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.