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Announcement    Artisan jewelry, original designs, and responsibly-sourced natural materials.

I create in small quantities, and many of my pieces are one-of-a-kind. If you like what you see, get it before it's gone!


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Artisan jewelry, original designs, and responsibly-sourced natural materials.

I create in small quantities, and many of my pieces are one-of-a-kind. If you like what you see, get it before it's gone!


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Gewgaws & Gimcracks

I had the great fortune to study illustration, painting, film photography, metal fabrication, enameling, and ceramics with amazing teachers from a very young age. I learned what I was good at, and what I wasn't. How to turn vision to reality. What made me happy. What inspired me.

But desperate for health insurance and a steady paycheck, I turned my back on all that and went to law school.

Gewgaws & Gimcracks was born in 2011, when I started making more jewelry than I could wear. My personal style is design-conscious, and I favor delicate minimalism, natural forms, and high-quality materials. I make things I like, and I hope you like them, too.

As for the name? I like archaic English words, especially when deployed with sarcasm.

gewgaw - (GYOOgaw) (ɠjʊːɠɔ) - n. - something pretty but useless; trinket; bauble; doodad; knicknack. adj. - gaudy; worthless.

gimcrack - (JIMkrak) (d͡ʒɪɱçɾæɕ) - n. - a showy, useless trifle; a fanciful notion; an affected person, especially a woman. adj. - insubstantial; trivial; ramshackle.

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  • Mary Jane

    Owner, Maker, Designer, Photographer

    After mastering the basics of illustration, painting, film photography, metalwork, enameling, and ceramics, I did what any insecure artist does: I went to law school.

  • Peter

    Assistant Director, Fulfillment Dept.

    Peter’s favorite media are gouache, fiber (upcycled canis familiaris fur), and dehydrated sweet potatoes. He is a staunch advocate of the Oxford comma.

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Frequently asked questions
How do I keep my silver from tarnishing?

Most fine and sterling silver will eventually oxidize, or tarnish, with exposure to air and moisture. To minimize this, keep your jewelry dry and clean, away from lotions, perfumes, and other chemicals. To remove tarnish and restore a mirror-like shine, I love jewelry polishing cloths (like the Sunshine Cloth). However, you should never polish pieces unless you're certain they're solid silver; using a polishing cloth can remove fine layers of precious metal deposits, so never use them on plated metals or vermeil.

What's the difference between "gold plated" and "gold vermeil"?

Gold plating uses an electrostatic process to deposit a thin layer of gold over base metal (like brass or copper). Because the gold layer is so thin, it is easily scratched and tends to tarnish quickly, so I don't recommend it for everyday wear (especially if you have metal allergies or sensitivities).

Gold vermeil is just a more expensive version of gold plating; it involves a thin layer of gold over sterling silver. As with plated gold, vermeil is easily scratched and abraded, and tends to tarnish with regular wear

I use the highest quality 14k filled gold for Gewgaws & Gimcracks jewelry. Although it is not solid gold, it has a higher gold content than plated gold or vermeil, and is much more durable and long-lasting.

How should I care for my pearl jewelry?

Pearls are porous and need special care. They never should be tossed on top of or next to other gems in a jewelry box; store them in a soft jewelry pouch.

If a pearl necklace is regularly worn, some of the pearls will constantly be in close contact with skin, and may gradually absorb acid that will slowly damage the pearl. Over time, a pearl may not only lose its luster, but change in shape. You can slow this process by wiping the pearls with a soft cloth or chamois after wearing them, and keeping them away from abrasive materials, perfume, hairspray, and acidic liquids such as vinegar or lemon juice. I recommend re-stringing pearl necklaces yearly if you wear them frequently.

How should I care for "filled gold" jewelry?

Most of the gold components used in Gewgaws & Gimcracks designs are 14k filled gold. Although filled gold has a much higher gold content than electroplated or vermeil pieces, the underlying base metal can tarnish over time, especially with exposure to the elements and constant wear. I do not recommend sleeping, showering, or exercising in 14k filled gold jewelry, as this can hasten the process. If you like to leave your jewelry on at all times, I highly recommend investing in solid gold pieces.

How should I care for my wire wrapped jewelry?

Please be aware that wire-wrapped items--especially if they incorporate fine gauge wire--can be delicate. Most metals get stronger and more rigid as they are worked, but too much bending, hammering, or tension will cause precious metals to become brittle and fragile. Treat wire-wrapped jewelry as gently as possible to maximize its life. I recommend removing wire-wrapped jewelry for sleeping, bathing, and exercising.