giastraditions' Shop Announcement

Aromatherapy for your Life. Body... Heart... Soul!I started this journey myself 10 years ago and have been very successful. As a single parent I know how hard it can be to keep body and soul together in the world of stress. My products are meant to make that dream a lot closer to a reality.
All our offerings are made fresh and ready to use with no extra mixing involved.

Every one of my handmade products has been tested by my friends and family...people guaranteed to tell me if it is not working or smells funny. The best form of quality control on the planet. If it can't be tolerated by them then it doesn't go out. And we all know how honest young kids are.

Please feel free to explore and ask me questions. I am more then happy to answer anything that pops into your head about my shop or any products offered.
(Some pictures may not be available at the moment but will be online as soon as possible.)