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♥Huge variety of unique, pressed flower, nature inspired jewelry,& more. Handmade one by one,by a kind, passionate, lifelong gardener, nature & flower lover. Lovely, thoughtful gifts for family, friends,for yourself,to give,receive,enjoy & wear any season & for any reason.
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Welcome to my shop. I thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visit. New, unique, and one of a kind pieces will be listed each day as we enjoy warmer Summer days, 4th of July celebrations, and the joy of Summer. Check back often, as most are one of a kind, and will not be created again for the season. Lovely gifts for yourself, or that special someone. If you have a special or personal request, or have a significant flower, or idea, please contact me. I would love to create something special just for you! See below for birth month flowers~

January Birth Flower - Carnation or Snowdrop
February Birth Flower -Violet or Primrose
March Birth Flower - Jonquil (aka Daffodil or Narcissus)
April Birth Flower - Sweet pea or Daisy
May Birth Flower - Lily of the Valley
June Birth Flower -Rose
July Birth Flower -Larkspur or Water Lily
August Birth Flower -Gladiolus or Poppy
September Birth Flower - Aster or Morning Glory
October Birth Flower - Calendula (Marigold)
November Birth Flower - Chrysanthemum
December Birth Flower -Narcissus
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The gift of flowers is such a lovely, thoughtful, and loving gift. Perfect for any special occasion, or even sweeter, for no reason at all....just because. But unlike fresh flowers, these flowers, whether for someone special, or for yourself, will last a lifetime.
❀♥❀Each flower has a special meaning, and some very significant. Please read what each flower symbolizes on each piece in the description, and you may find it also has special meaning for you as well, or for someone special.
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❀♥❀♥❀And please remember, always be grateful for your blessings. Always be kind, gentle, and speak kindly, and softly to one another. Pay it forward, each and every day. One smile, or kind act towards another, will inspire that person to do the same, and so on. Think of that chain reaction! People always remember how you made them feel.♥ A lovely, lasting thought, isn't it?❀♥❀♥❀

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