gillcordiner's Shop Announcement

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welcome to my shop,i make one off handmade unrepeatable jewellery from silver copper and brass, everything is done by me nothing is prefabricated or manufactured, so what you get is truly unique to you, my work evolves on a daily basis i never know where it might end up so please enjoy, and if you need something special just let me know
all my work is made from 100% recycled metal, all my metal is melted then rolled and then hand cut by me,, any waste metal is then re melted and used all over again very very sustainable
so i paint as well,, well painting is my first love and ive painted all my life, i work primarily in oils but watercolours and mixed media too, i paint from a tradition standpoint, and hope my work conveys sympathetic use of colour texture and composition, i love the human form but i also love the seas the wide open spaces inhabited only by me and my daydreams