Women's fashion casual wear:tops,pants,dresses,jackets

long flattering dress
Classic casual black buttons shirt
Short sleeves dress
Summer time orange dress
Retro chick women pants

The faces behind "Girlish"...

When I'm not busy in the creative process I am married and a mother of three daughters, and my favorite place in the world is my home. I spend most of my free time with family and friends.
My favorite hobby is exploring gourmet cooking and lots of reading.
For fun we spend our time at the wonderful beaches of Israel.
I take advantage of the fact that I'm a Creator to personally design my house and especially the girls rooms.

Besides being involved in the creative process of Girlish I am married and a mother of a 16 years old son. We are a part of a large family with lots of family and friends meetings.
I am very involved in the cultural life of Tel Aviv, and spend a lot of my time visiting new exhibitions, viewing new performances, movies and shows.
I take my love for culture and various arts everywhere I go in the world.
I find it inspirational and fruitful.
I'm engaged in a variety of sports and fitness and has recently learned to row a canoe which gives me great pleasure and connects me to my love of the sea.

Sources of inspiration are many and very varied always connected to arts and culture.
For example, our first collection was inspired by ancient civilizations such as Adinkra African symbols and cultural lifestyle of the Mongol tribes.
And our last collection was mostly inspired from the urban world and vibrant living surrounding us.

Handmade for us is the instant connection to an inner, strong, without limitations source of creativity.

I would describe our creative process as a well known starting point and a general idea which always varies designed and emergent along the entire creative process to the last detail.
Ayelet & Galit
owner, designer, maker, curator
Girlish by Ayelet Shahak and Galit Tamir, offers a rich collection of casual looks meticulously designed.
The collection includes: pants, shirts ,jackets and dresses. The garments are characterized by everyday clothes flattering the female body, sub

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