girlwithahook's Shop Announcement

So I'm starting to provide art yarn spinning and freeform crocheting workshops. If you are interested in having me do a workshop in your area, contact me with your venue suggestion ( I will update the list below as information gets finalized. Stay tuned!!

Freeform Crochet and Yarn Spinning Workshops 2014:
(3 weeks before workshop, no refunds)

Private Spinning or Crochet Lessons: $35 an hour (i'll go an hour at most from Salem, Oregon for a lesson)

Tangled Purls (Salem, OR)
private lessons
$35 an hour (contact them to register)

Craft Fair Information:
there are no fairs scheduled at this time

My 2012 Collection book is $30 and can be purchased through create space:

My 2011 Collection book and you can purchase it through create space:

I will try to do updates in the shop once a week (again). I'm shooting for mondays. If you want to recieve an email when I'm about to update the shop or about my show schedule and sales, just convo me with your email address and i'll add you to the email list!
thanks so much!

I use all kinds of wool from small and local farms as well as from farms of friends of mine from around the world. Cruelty free, squishy, curly, silky, yumminess. I use: Corriedale, Merino, Rambouillet, Cormo, Teeswater, Mohair, Gotland, BFL, Finn, Icelandic....lots of good stuff!

i've been crocheting hats since 2002 and it's become my life and my art. My ideas start as one thing and always seem to morph into something else by the time I'm finished. That's just how i work...the yarn and my mood show me where the hat should go.
I don't do custom hat orders anymore since each hat is one of a kind and it takes way too much time to try and replicate a hat.

to view my previous hats in different styles, go to this address

thanks so much!

more to come....