glassdread's Shop Announcement

Glass is Greener features glass artwork by Robb Dunmore.
The glass is hand-blown, lamp-worked, fused, slumped, cast, molded, sandblasted, and cold-worked into many forms of art for both function and beauty.
Robb has worked with glass for the past 20 years in addition to being an educator, naturalist, and musician around Northern California and Nevada.

Glass is Greener does combine shipping. Items purchased within 24 hours of each other will be shipped together and any over-payment in shipping will be refunded.
All of the artwork for sale is made by Robb and immediately put in digitally controlled kilns to be annealed for lasting durability.

Thank you so much for your interest in the artwork at Glass is Greener. Please check back often for new items and always feel free to contact me about possible color variations, custom orders, quantity orders, more information, and collaboration.
Happy trails,