glitterfist's Shop Announcement

✴Earthly or Otherwise✴
These unique pieces of wearable art are made by melting glass dust & chunks onto the copper surface. The texture and color replicate stardust: The Alpha to Omega & every glint in between. Combining firing techniques show a variety of colorful glossy effects. The most exciting part of fabricating these molten beauties, is the unexpected results, I’m never quite sure how the culmination will reveal itself. Each pendant is hand-made & can not be duplicated.

*Handmade, vegan, sulfate-free, naturally colored & scented, glitter flecked soap for decoration or bubbly bath time luxury.*
It's Shower Time Folks!
Collect or gift hand-made Glitterfist Art Soap!
Each bar is infused with Love & Devine Energy.
These designs are naturally colored with Eco-rich Mica colors and unisexually scented by oils that echo nature super-luxurious Sandalwood/Rose, Aveda Shampure, Jasmine, Lush Karma, Mint, Clinique Happy or Pink Amber & Orchid.
All natural-Vegan-Sulfate Free
Eco-rich Mica colors and unisex scents that echo nature
Random style(s) will be chosen for each order.
Tested on myself, friends & family, not animals.
Remember handmade = slight variations in size & color from soap to soap.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.