godsgreyts' Shop Announcement

Welcome to God's Greyts Etsy, where 100% of your purchase helps retired racers find their forever homes.

My love for these animals is what inspired me to create a special harness for compromised greyhounds and other items that people may need to care for their amazing adopted companions.

Being the president of a Greyhound adoption agency is an honor, a privilege and a passion. There is never enough time or money in a day in the pursuit of finding homes for retired racing Greyhounds.

One of the things I have always loved throughout my life is creating something useful from scratch in an artistic and practical way. When I was just a tot, my mother taught me about sewing and crafts. She also taught me how to love and care for dogs. In this shop, I am putting my two joys together by making pretty and practical things to raise money for adopting out these gorgeous creatures God called Greyhounds.

100% of your purchase will work toward caring for retired racers. Thanks in advance from the hounds at God's Greyts.

For more information on these gentle giants, please visit:
godsgreyts.com ... and adopt a greyhound! carolB