googoojue's Shop Announcement

I have taken wee break from my shop, but the desire to craft is too strong, so little by little I'll be stocking up my shop again!

I still have lots of things to list so please stay tuned while I meek out time to fill the shop! If you have a desire for something please convo me, I might well have it in stock, especially socks! and hats and my original MoMoMons!

Winter has definitely arrived! What a better time to wear a MoMoMon during those cold winter mornings and evenings! And why not indulge in the oh so soft and fluffy angora HeadHuggers? Don't forget the fingerless gloves so Blythe and her same sized friends can txt all her friends! Enjoy!

feel free to drop in to browse! I'd be happy to craft for you and your girls, so feel free to drop me a line if there's something special you would like!

Welcome to my little Etsy shop where I lovingly handcraft my fashions for you, Blythe, LaTi, Piggies, Wataru and others! I will be listing a whole bunch of stuffs tonight, if I can stay awake. Enjoy!

I use cotton, wool, silk, acrylic and blends of yarns for the items that I knit. Some of the softest and most interesting yarns are made with blends of synthetic yarns, so I don't limit myself to natural fibers.

Though I am busy with "life" I am trying to add new things daily, as they "come off the sticks" or the sewing machine, so visit again or convo me if there's something special you're thinking of. I would be happy to craft for you. In fact, I have a lot of goodies already made, but no time to photograph for the shop, so if you have something in mind, ask, I might just already have it made!

If you have any questions or new ideas you're thinking of for your girls, yourself or your piggies, LOL, let me know...

Have a great day and thanks for stopping in!

PS. if you'd like to see more photos, feel free to visit my flickr @