grampasattic's Shop Announcement

Delight in your find...take it home...remember...breathe life back into it...and make it yours again.........PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ MY SHOP POLICIES Thank you.

If you are looking for something specific, I have a ton of merchandise that has not yet been listed, just ask if I might have what you are searching for.

Here, many have come to salvage, repurpose, recycle with their own long lost treasures....back from a time more innocent...when a day was a really really long time...when showing off your 4-leafed clover was the highlight of the day...when Daddy came home from work....and when your Mom let you eat the raw pie crust she had left over...

This shop is FULL of odd things, beautiful things, strange things, old things and useful things. If you lost something in the past, it's probably here! If you are buying for someone else, what you buy here, they will NOT be getting from someone else because chances are NOBODY sells the kind of items I have here, in Grampa's Attic....I think this next part is QUITE IMPORTANT.....

7/2015 - I have just had the weirdest experience this month. A woman was trying to shop in my SOLD folder. If it's SOLD how did she expect me to have it? When I tried to set her ignorance straight, she was insulted. I could find no other way to deal with her as she became sarcastic and annoying. Please don't expect to find the item you are looking for in the SOLD folder, ALL of my items are one-of-a-kind and unique.

I believe as a buyer, it is important to read what is written about the items you are looking at. Many have a story within the story, some have valueable information about the item and some of it is just plain funny. Try to take the time to read the information about the items, they may answer questions that you may have.

About this store...I have collected so many items over the years, from grandparents, Mom and Dad and friends and family that I just don't have room for them anymore. I am also addicted to finding estate sales which makes the treasure collection get bigger.

Please CONVO me with your questions, and by all means, have fun shopping, know that I have a ton more stuff but haven't found the time to list them yet!

- Grampa

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