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Note from shop owner Green Barn Soaps is trying a new store off of Etsy. Visit us at for our new site. Whether you like it, or not, we want your feedback! Use the "Contact" form on the website to let us know!

Note from shop owner

Last updated on Sep 2, 2015

Green Barn Soaps is trying a new store off of Etsy. Visit us at for our new site. Whether you like it, or not, we want your feedback! Use the "Contact" form on the website to let us know!


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Shop policies

Last updated on June 17, 2014
Green Barn Soaps is a small artisan soap company in Maine, focusing on providing preservative and cruelty-free soaps, in a sustainable way. All products are produced in small batches, with high-quality ingredients.

Accepted payment methods

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Returns and exchanges
Here goes the policy information. We'll excuse you for a minute while you get a cup of coffee or tea to stay awake while reading.

We’re bummed you don’t like your item(s), but understand that sometimes these things happen. If you would like to return your product, please email us at greenbarnsoaps [!at] BEFORE shipping it back to us. Sometimes body products are reacting in a completely normal and expected way in certain weather, like lotions being a bit soft in hot weather, or soaps sweating in warm humid weather (ppst – that’s a sign of a really high quality soap and the science behind how it gets you clean!)

When you email us we’ll need the following information:
• Name
• Order Number (Receipt Number)
• Items Requesting Return
• Reason for Return Request (if more than one item, please list reason for each individual item if different)

If after talking you still want to return, we’re happy to help you out. Refund amounts are as follows:

100% Refund – If items are determined to be truly defective, not due to natural reactions, we will give you 100% refund or replace your item.

50% Refund - Returns due to personal preference, including those product having a natural reaction, will be given a 50% refund. There is a 50% waste fee as returned products cannot be resold or remilled.

Returns must be made within 48 hours of confirming with us what the issue is. We’ll note in the final this timeframe too, so you can be sure to meet it. If shipping back to us, the buyer is responsible for shipping fee to return product. Buyer must purchase their own insurance for returns as Green Barn Soaps is not responsible for lost items in transit from the buyers chosen shipping company. It is highly recommended to use a tracking number for your own paper trail.

• How will my items returned be credited?

Returns are credited back through Etsy to the original funding source.

• How long do returns take to process?

Please allow up to 30 days for your return to be processed from the day we receive the returned package (they will normally be much sooner). We will notify you by email once we have processed your return.

• What is the status of my return?

Please message us on Etsy and provide:

• Name
• Order Number (Receipt Number)
• Tracking Number (if applicable with your shipping method chosen)

• Can I return my product if it’s received melted, or melts while I own it?

Soaps should not melt during shipping, though they may sweat due to humidity. This is normal of high-quality soaps and is a reaction of the water in the air and the glycerin in the soap. Solid lip glosses will become soft and/or melt if exposed to hot weather (typically 75*F) dependent on length of time exposed. This is due to the properties of the oils used. All products may melt or become deformed during shipping in hot weather months, or will melt if exposed to hot temperatures. Due to this warning, please note, we are not able to replace or refund these items if they melt while you’ve stored them. Most products must be kept in a cool place, out of the direct sun or heat for extended periods of time in order to keep them from melting. If your lotion, balm or solid gloss is received melted (but still contained) or if the container seems warm:
1.) Do not open. A warm container (especially metal) may signify a partially melted product. This does not effect the final use of the product. Please proceed to item two (2).

2.) Place these items in a cool spot such as a fridge to solidify. Do not place sweating soap in a fridge. Wipe off sweat and place in a cool, dry area.

If your product was destroyed during shipping (leaked from container) please contact us immediately.

Due to the nature of the products, Green Barn Soaps cannot accept exchanges.
Payments must be made in full before orders will be shipped. Orders not paid in full will be held for 24 hours before being returned to stock and the order cancelled.

To change your order, please cancel your original order and re-place the order with the correct items. Please note if your order has already been processed and shipped, we will be unable to change your order. Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges policy below.

To cancel your order, please cancel using the standard order cancellation route through Etsy. Please note if your order has already been processed and shipped, we will be unable to cancel your order. In this scenario, you will be notified via email. Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges policy.

By submitting an order you are agreeing to all shop policies for Green Barn Soaps.

This one is easy.

Shipping is flat rate at $6.00, and through the good old United States Postal Service. Even if it actually costs us $15.00 to mail to you, you’ll only pay $6.00. All packaged are shipped VIA USPS Priority Mail.

It’s that simple.
Orders under $75.00 will not be insured unless seller specifically requests insurance ahead of time. Orders over $75.00 will be automatically insured at sellers expense. If you feel your product was received damaged by the USPS please contact me immediately at greenbarnsoaps [!at] or through Etsy and we will work together to rectify the situation.
Additional policies and FAQs

Soap certainly isn't as hard to care for as a chocolate souffle, but here are a few basic things you can do to help your bar last. We can't tell you how to make a chocolate souffle last; they don't stand a chance around here.

Taking care of handmade soap comes down to two basic steps:
1.) Store it in a cool, dry place with good airflow.
2.) Keep it out of the stream of water when not in use.

For use as hand soap:
We recommend a well draining soap dish. If you don't have one stand the soap on it's side to allow maximum air exposure. Do not store soaps under your sink if you have metal pipes or it's damp. Soap attracts water and will cause condensation to form. This could leave you with a sad, mushy soap. Sad soap is bad soap.

For use in the shower or bath:
We recommend mounting a shower specific soap dish across from your shower head and above the stream of water. The long and short - keep it out of the stream of water when not in use (even when you're in the shower itself).

How easy is that? Super easy!

We take your privacy seriously. We never sell any of your information. We do not keep, or even have access to, any of your financial information as all of our sales go through PayPal. Your email and physical addresses received during an order are used only for shipping, questions and the occasional “Thank You”.

We respect you guys, and we take privacy seriously.

Green Barn Soaps, Co. is not responsible for any adverse effects due to the use of their products due to a known or unknown sensitivity. All ingredients are listed for each product, and should be carefully reviewed before purchase.


• My soap seems to be sweating. Is something wrong?
Nothing is wrong with your soap, we promise. Soap "sweating" is the sign of a high-quality soap and has to do with a high glycerin content in soap. This glycerin is produced during a process called saponification. This process turns the oils and sodium hydroxide combination into the awesome soap you have. While it may look like your soap is sweating, it's actually the glycerin attracting water from the air. Any soap with a humectant in it like honey, agave, molasses or castor oil will tend to sweat more—and we use castor oil in many of our soaps so you may find more sweating than you would expect.

To help remedy the issue there are a few do's and don't. Please do not refrigerate or freeze your soap. Please do you wipe your soap down and place it in a dry spot or in front of a fan for a while. This should help. Unfortunately sometimes it's just that hot and humid and your soap is going to sweat. It's okay!

If your soaps arrive with sweaty packaging (often due to humid or hot weather) simply remove the soap, follow the instructions above, and then toss the bag in with your regular laundry. In fact, keep the bag and use it for something else long after the soap is gone! We use ours for soap nuts, a natural laundry detergent.

If you believe your package was mishandled by the postal service and exposed to elements which caused the wetness, please contact them directly. Green Barn Soaps is not responsible for damaged, deformed, lost or delayed shipments of product by the United States Postal Service or any third parties due to weather, strike, mishandling, or any other misdirection of packages.


• Will your products help heal my skin?

Green Barn Soaps products are purely cleansing and/or cosmetic in nature. They are not intended to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease.


• What do you mean by preservative-free?

We do not create any liquid products, as they require a preservative or stabilizer to keep unwanted organisms from growing over a long period of time. Water is awesome, it breeds life. We all need it and frankly, we love it. Heck, we use water in our soaps. Liquid soaps use different methods and formulas to keep them liquid though, unlike solid soap which the water evaporates from. This means liquid soap requires some help. We aren't against lotions, liquid body products or the like—in fact we love some of them. Green Barn Soaps just doesn't make them.

• What do you mean by cruelty-free?

"Cruelty-Free" is one of those terms like, "local", "green" or "sustainable". In other words, everyone can define it in a different way. It's frustrating, we know. We are also very aware everyone's morals and ethics are different and our definition of cruelty-free may not be yours. We still consider you awesome.

GBS is called cruelty-free for a variety of reasons. First, all soaps are vegetarian and most are vegan. For the animal products we do sometimes use (goats-milk and honey) we ensure the animals were treated with compassion, and try to buy from Maine suppliers as much as possible (easy with honey, harder with goats milk as most goat dairy here is used for cheese). Second, GBS works closely with trusted suppliers to ensure our raw materials are not tested on animals at any point, including fragrances. Third, we avoid palm oil as the harvesting methods are harmful to orangutan habitats. There is a roundtable on sustainable palm oil but as it's more of a promise than regulated, and as we are aware of violations, we stay away from it. Fourth, we keep our eyes peeled for information on the materials and suppliers we use to ensure this stays true. If at any point we become aware of a supplier using animal testing they are dropped (this has never happened).

• What is sodium hydroxide?

Sodium Hydroxide, commonly known as lye, is required to make cold process soap. The lye, when combined with our high quality oils, is 100% harmless due to a chemical change called saponification. No worries, all you receive is a wonderful nourishing healthy soap!

• Why are some of my soaps different sizes?

All of our soaps are cut by hand, so they tend to have a rustic feel to them. This means each bar has a unique rectangle or square shape to it. All bars are weighed when cut, and range between 4-6 ounces. It may seem like a big difference, but it can come down to something as thin as a piece of paper.

• Why are your soaps more expensive than some other handmade soaps?

We make bigger bars because frankly, we live in the country and the countryside means dirt. Dirt means scrubbing, and no one wants a small bar that will only last them two weeks. Many soapers bars average 3 to 4 ounces. Ours are 5-7 (when first cut, minimal shrinkage does occur when drying), and every now and again you’ll get one that is even bigger. We also make our soaps in smaller batches. It allows us to give you more variety, while carefully controlling the quality. The other truth is that not all artisans track how much raw materials, time and effort go into every bar of soap and are either under-charging or are just breaking even and don't realize it. We aren't making a huge profit, but we are a business.

• Do you use palm oil?

No. With our environmental efforts and sensitivity to animal habitat destruction, compounded with the difficulty proving sustainable harvesting from providers, we decided to cut it out all together early on.

• Do you use peanut oil?

Our soaps do not contain any peanut oil. However, we cannot be assured our oils are not produced in a facility that also produces peanut oil. Some of our soaps do contain nut oil or ground nuts. All ingredients are clearly listed for each batch we sell, so you can make decisions that fit your needs. If you have allergies to nuts, please use judgement in ordering these soaps.


• Are your soaps organic?

The simple answer is no. The more complicated answer is that if we can get organic product for a reasonable price, we’ll definitely use it. As well, we procure all honey (and goats milk, though it's hard to find in this state as most producers use it in their own creameries/soap making) from Maine producers. While not organic exclusively, we try to be very aware of how our products are grown. We use these soaps every day too, so it's important for us to provide you, and our families, with an ethical product. However, we don’t actively seek organic status. As a small company going organic isn’t feasible right now due to the cost. We are always cost comparing with organic oils/products though and will always buy organic if it’s feasible. We even grow some of our own herbs beside the vegetable garden where no non-organic chemicals are used!