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Long lines of color dance and wind around each other to form the bright, unique patterns in each scarf. All scarves are made from recycled (or upcycled) sweaters, which are chosen based on their fiber content, thickness, softness, and color. Each scarf is one of a kind, as material for the scarves is limited by the size and shape of each sweater selected to be repurposed.

Colors are carefully selected to balance each other, with each scarf encompassing a range of shades from one color family, or complementing colors from different families.

Often, the blend of hues in a scarf is inspired by an element of the outdoors or from the garden, and scarves are named to reflect this choice.

When you purchase a scarf from Greenleaf Goods, you’re making a statement about the environment, as our business practices reflect our commitment to utilizing materials others have discarded. All sweaters are bought locally, reducing the carbon footprint created when shipping materials. Scarves are carefully packaged in clean, recycled paper that has been saved from a landfill. Finally, each scarf is beautifully handcrafted and sewn, giving new life to old sweaters.

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