grichels' Shop Announcement

*** Our 2016 Renaissance Faire season is approaching quickly! We will be at Arizona Renaissance Festival from Feb. 6th through March 27th. ***

HI! Thanks for stopping by to check my stuff out!!! ***Please see our "Policies" section for questions, including custom orders and international shipping.*** Thank you!

Please come visit us at one of our Renaissance Faire booths! We are at Arizona Ren Fest, Scarborough Ren Fest (Texas), Colorado Ren Fest, Bristol Ren Fest (Wisconsin), and Maryland Ren Fest.

"What is a Grichel?" you might ask. This will tell you a little about my creations.

Grichels - The being that creates the feeling of being watched in the woods, when you know you are alone. The footsteps you hear behind you - that you assume are just echoes of your own. A swaying in the trees when there is no wind. Sometime the eyes in the forest aren't always the animals watching you. They could very well be a Grichel. Not really a folk of a sort, more of a spirit, or entity. A wrinkle in reality, observing the ways of the ages. Watching as an old one would watch a small child. Not intervening to correct or advise, just watching and appreciating a child's success, and giving a sympathetic smile to themselves when eminent failure occurs. Just watching, remembering, recording, to someday share with someone who would listen.