gypsydesignjewelry's Shop Announcement

Have you been looking for that special piece of jewelry? Now is that opportunity!
My creations are perfect for YOU, the individual who appreciates handcrafting and who enjoys wearing pieces that are unique!
Each piece is hand formed and fashioned. In the metal pieces I start with wire or sheet goods, the rest is hammered, twisted, soldered, rolled or etched to come to the final piece. Because of the nature of hand work, no two pieces are alike...even though some appear similar. With the beaded bracelets and earrings, I try not to make two alike. This last year I included enameling in my creations!

So...enjoy, and if you have any questions, please contact me.
Thank you for spending your valuable time with me,
Anita Tosti

CUSTOM ORDERS Are you thinking of a certain design and just don't see me and we can talk about making it especially for YOU!

I need to mention that any props used in the photography of the jewelry are not included.

About Shipping: I have listed to US...but I will check into shipping elsewhere if needed...just ask me.