hArtandSoliMprints' Shop Announcement

Ever wanted permanent access to an external healing source? One just for you . . always ready and invested in your well being? Our lives in the healing arts have led to the knowledge that manifestations of all types can be infused with all the love and energy of a spiritual healing treatment . . . that everyone can recognize their own keys to such power when presented with them . . . and that while we are two healers who live in a specific place at a specific time . . the life, love and bliss energy we put into our art can be a permanent and ever evolving fixture in anyone's reality.
You know what moves you . . . use it to love and heal yourself so that when you connect with the world and your reality . . you gift it with the full light of your being.

Claudia has been a member of etsy since 2005 (one of the first 10k members!) with her shop conjuredUp : http://www.etsy.com/people/conjuredUp . . . her feedback is all positive.

Our art has been chosen for a book cover and for use in a doctor's office . . as well as healing/meditative spaces. If nothing else, peruse and enjoy some of the meditations that we have found seem fitting for some of the pieces.

Much love, Much light, Much life. :-)