handmadesilhouettes' Shop Announcement


I make hand cut silhouettes from high quality paper. Some items are pre-made, but I also accept custom orders.


For a custom silhouette portrait please send an email to
<handmadesilhouettes@gmail.com> with the following:

* The words "custom_etsy" in the subject line
* Attach a JPEG photograph of your profile
(To ensure accuracy, take the picture against
a white or neutral background)
* Your preferred dimensions or any other specifications
* Your full name and address

I will email you a picture of the finished silhouette to guarantee your satisfaction.

Upon approval, I will ask that you return to my Etsy shop and purchase the finished product. It will be listed along with the rest of my items for sale, with your name/username in the title.

Once the Paypal transaction is completed I will mail your custom silhouette!

***Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery***

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.