My stand at the local Farmers Market.

A Second Chance

I worked as an RN for 7 years and was happy in my career but it left little time for "fun" things. I discovered beading and was hooked! I have found a way, through diligence and a little luck, to turn my passion into a way to support my family. I was lucky enough to be chosen by my city museum to be a featured artist for 2011/2012. My work is also featured in various boutiques/art galleries in the area. I love using vintage pieces and upcycled items in my creations. I am forever scouring my city for the next item to inspire me. I am inspired by all things nature and have a certain love of flowers in my designs, as well. I strive for a certain "timelessness" of the pieces I create. I work alone in the business, raising my growing children by day and working into the wee hours of the morning designing and creating. I also teach various beadweaving/wireworking classes at two local bead shops. My husband and children are very supportive and have learned that sometimes there are bits of wire on the floor, a stray bead rolling around the hall, projects in various states of completion on the kitchen table, etc. While I don't have a formal "workroom", I have carved out a little corner of the house for myself, including my favorite chair, to create in. All items I make are hand-made with love and care.
Angie Neal
Owner, Designer
Hello! I am the owner/designer behind Hanging By A Thread. I am always looking for new ways to incorporate new and exciting ideas into my designs yet keep them timeless. I love using vintage and upcyled items in my creations.

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