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Announcement   Welcome to the Hannah B. Boards shop! This is the place to get your own 100% hand built longboard/ skateboard. I build the boards and create the artwork all in my Southern California garage. Enjoy your visit and I hope you stay a while!

Watch a video about me here >> www.hannahbboards.com


Welcome to the Hannah B. Boards shop! This is the place to get your own 100% hand built longboard/ skateboard. I build the boards and create the artwork all in my Southern California garage. Enjoy your visit and I hope you stay a while!

Watch a video about me here >> www.hannahbboards.com

Hannah B.

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How I began my adventures in board building...

I am Hannah B., board builder. I create longboards and skateboards. 100% hand built - by me - in my small garage in Southern California.

I’ve always been an “artsy” person, as far back as I can remember. That has always been part of my identity. In the past year I feel like I’ve evolved from “artsy fartsy” to more of a “maker”. I aspire to one day be considered a craftsman.

I’m other things too: a wife, a surfer, an all around fun-haver and I’m super hilarious. (Ok…I made up that last one. I just want you to think I’m hilarious, and by me saying it, maybe you’ll buy into it…)

So here’s the low down on how I got started: Almost two years ago, my husband casually mentioned to me that maybe, one day, he’d like to have a longboard to make his slow walk to a surf spot quicker and more fun. So, me being me, I logged that away in my scattered brain as a future gift idea for him. A few months went by. His birthday around the corner, for some reason I got it in my head that I should BUILD him a longboard - not just go buy one like a normal human - but build it. I don’t know why, I’ve never really built anything in my life and I didn’t know much about longboards, but again, me being me, naively confident about making things (a trait I most certainly get from my Dad), I launched into an internet search on how to build a longboard.

And so it began…in our garage. I hung up two huge blue tarps and sectioned off a corner of the garage (so that he couldn’t see what I was up to) and proceeded to gather materials and began building. What became known as “the Blue Fort” was the spot where I created the first (and what I assumed would be the only) hannah B. Board. It was a 44” pintail, made out of the flimsiest wood money could buy.

And I built it. The process went just okay, but I was pretty excited about it nonetheless. Needing to get his board ready for the big birthday unveiling, I took it to my local skate shop to have it set up with wheels/trucks. I sort of hesitantly took this newly created board into the shop. Luckily for me the owner was there and he was so surprised that I had actually built this board by hand. His surprise in turn made me surprised and realized that what I had done, albeit far from perfect, was maybe a kinda big deal. The shop owner’s excitement only added to mine. The big birthday unveiling was upon us, the “the Blue Fort” would no longer be a mystery. My husband loved his new trampoline…I mean longboard.

He started riding his board and having the most fun, I now HAD to build one for myself. So, that’s it…that is how it all started….from one super secret board, to a full-fledged board company. I started slow that first year, only building a few more boards. But then, as time went on, I knew I was loving what I was creating. I loved seeing people have fun on something that I MADE for them. About a year and half after “the Blue Fort” days, I decided to quit my job as an artist at a computer game studio, and venture out as a full-time longboard/skateboard builder.

And this is where you and I meet. Nice to meet you :)


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Last updated on November 20, 2012
Well Hello. Glad to see you've finally made it here, I've been waiting for you. Please browse around, take your time, and enjoy your stay. I hope to see you again soon.

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hannah B. Boards "Damage Policy".

It is the "I doubt you'll ever need this info, but here it is in case you do" list. These are guidelines to give you an idea of what I cover. Read through it, and if it's unclear, then go on ahead and email me.

Here's what I WILL cover: If, within 6 months, your "hannah B. Board" delaminates under NORMAL riding conditions, I will replace your board!

This does NOT include:

-Delamination/Damage caused by impact or bailing your board. You know what I mean, your board slams into the curb, the parked car...rolls off the cliff, etc.
-Normal wear and tear.
-Normal wear to the nose, tail, rails...this usually means you are out riding having a good time.
-Left your board in the rain, snow, hot summer sun, roasting hot car. This INCLUDES any warping due to heat, humidity or water exposure. Pretend your hannah B. Board is a kitten, don't leave it outside, love it, pet it, don't feed it after midnight.
-Water damage. One of the biggest enemies to ALL wooden skateboards is water/moisture. Despite being well protected with quality finish work (multiple coats of polyurethane), wood is wood...it will always expand and contract tiny amounts, but leave it in the rain, take a bath with it, take it for a surf and it will most surely be wrecked.
-Board snapping due to board riding drama.
-Stress cracks or hairline cracks. These are normal over the life of your wooden board, you know, back to that expand contract deal. If you see these small stress cracks, don't fret, they will in no way effect the board's strength.
-Any damage caused during shipping. (Buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs and taxes related to our damage policy.)
-Oh and if you decide to alter your hannah B. Board, it's your unique monster forever.

Okay, that mostly covers it. If that doesn't clear it up for you, email us. I am here to help.
Payment methods include Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Credit card purchases can be processed through Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account for this) or through Etsy's Direct Checkout feature.
Orders will be filled within 3-5 business days after received payment and shipped to the address provided through Etsy address unless you specify otherwise.

I will ship international. I will have to calculate shipment per country based on package size and weight. International shipping can be expensive so please wait to pay until I get you a quote from me. :)