happygoatsoap's Shop Announcement

Please note: I am no longer making the 4oz plain rectangular bar. Plain bars are now available in the 5oz oval and 6oz big bar. Thank you.

All soaps can be purchased in bulk at a discount.
3oz soaps are 3 for $10 -

4oz soaps are 3 for $11 -

6oz soaps are 3 for $15 -

All soaps are listed by shape. If you do not see the shape you would like in the scent you prefer just contact me, I might have it in inventory.

If you are looking for a specific scent you can enter it into the search box at the top of the page and it will bring up all the soaps currently listed with that scent. My scents are:

Afternoon Tea - black tea with a touch of sugar
Apple Orchard - fresh, crisp apple
Baby Powder - just like baby powder
Baby Rose - light, true rose
Basil Lime Papaya** - a bit citrusy, a bit tart, a bit spicy
Bergamot* - a sharp citrus scent
Bing Cherry - strong cherry
Breathe Easy* - menthol, eucalyptus and menthol
Cherry Vanilla** - custom blend of bing cherry and vanilla oil
Carnation - smells like the flower. A little sweet, a little peppery
Cucumber Melon - a bit of fresh cucumber with a touch of sweet melon
Frankincense and Myrrh - rich and exotic
Ginger Fizz - like a cold glass of ginger ale
Honeysuckle - light, sweet summer floral
Jasmine Tea** - sweet jasmine with a bit of green tea
Lavender - classic lavender
Lemongrass* - sharp citrus
Lily of the Valley - classic floral
Lemon - light, soft citrus
Monkey Farts - banana, kiwi, mango and a bit of grapefruit for a strong fruity scent
Oatmeal, Milk and Honey - light scent just like oatmeal with a touch of honey
Orange Creamsicle** - like vanilla ice cream with orange ice
Old Goat (Patchouli)* - classic scent
Pink Grapefruit - light, fizzy citrus
Plumeria - strong Island floral
Pomegranate ** - bright, rich pomegranate scent
Sandalwood - exotic, rich scent
Sandalwood and Vanilla - add a touch of vanilla to sandalwood. Strong
Sleepy Time* - EO and FO blend of lavender and vanilla
Spring Bouquet - like walking through a blooming garden
Sunshine and Sunflowers** - bright floral with a touch of the wind
Sweetgrass - fresh cut grass
Tangerine Dream* - EO and FO blend of several citrus scents
Twilight Woods - Citrus Zest, Cedar Leaf, Rich Spices, Vetiver, White Pepper, Deep Musk, Light Patchouli.
Vanilla Mint* ** - a custom blend of vanilla and peppermint essential oils. Smells like a certain cookie sold by little girls in green uniforms
Wake Up Rosemary* ** - EO and FO blend. Bright with rosemary undertones
Winter's Wind** - smells like Christmas

* = essential oil
** = Limited Edition Scent

If there is a scent you would like but don't see it listed contact me and I will see if I can get it for you. Special orders are welcome. All special orders will take at least one month from order to shipping as the soap needs curing time.

If shipping charges end up being more than needed I will refund anything over $1. to your paypal or credit card.

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Have a Happy Goats day!

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